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Some of you may remember /yu/; it had been one of the first boards on howler (as far back as when we were howler.us.to and the board serves as a natural counter-point for the main focus-board, /ncsu/. It also serves as a safe-space to post questionable images, doujinshi, h-manga and generally lewd images: lewd / sexual discussion is allowed here as well (it is frowned upon to post lewd things on /ncsu/).

That's all to say this: think of /yu/ as the place you can be yourself; I encourage you to make use of /yu/ to this end: it's been my favorite board since the site's been open (that's since 2017/03!) and I hope /yu/ can also be your favorite too. Don't forget about making use of our IRC Network to stay in-touch; as always you can contact me at yumi@prettyboytellem.com And most importantly:

Kick back and take it easy, NCSU

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