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What is this place?

This is, home of the definitive, unofficial, and only imageboard for NC State university. As this is the the only imageboard created explicitly for collegiate discourse, I recommend that you learn the ropes to make the most of this opportunity!

Help, I have never used a liveboard/imageboard! before

You're not alone! A lot of people have never posted to an imageboard before, but I'm here to help you out! First off, don't be shy! Make small-talk before you start a thread about something that interests you! Secondly, don't be discouraged if the conversation is slow. Finally, since this is an imageboard, posting images is highly encouraged!

Global Guidelines

  1. No political banter
  2. Do not post anything which is explicitly illegal in the United States

Can I format my posts using Markup / Markdown

Sort of! This site uses a Markdown-inspired format named WakabaMark; it's use is fairly intuitive. Basically format your text as if you're typing an e-mail; basically:

Who runs this site?

Some guy who hates the Internet but writes a lot of software for it because he wants to make it a better place; he likes to get fanmail at

What happened to old Howler?

Currently the site runs a modified version of Wakaba, a popular imageboard script written in Perl. Howler used to run on a dirt-shit script called Doushio that nobody likes; the administrator of Howler thinks that the author of Doushio is just kidding himself if he thinks it can be used for a bigger site than his own website where the same five guys talk every day and waste years of their life on the Internet.

That's all just to say that the old Howler is the new Howler because I whipped up a recipe that ported all the posts from the old software so it's like you never left.

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