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22806 No.9086  
I can't stop eating them. I have gained 30 pounds but I can't stop. Stop me. Please.
>> No.9087  
File: 1542552921551.jpg -(73925 B, 750x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I can't help myself. It's like I want to be fat. It must be genetic.
>> No.9088  
Youre convincing yourself that you can't help eating that stuff, telling yourself that its genetic is just creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Getting out of that mindset is not easy but its the first step if you want to stop.
>> No.9089  
I wish I could gain 30 lbs. I eat and eat and eat and I don't know whither it all goes.
[spoiler]I'm addicted to cornbread myself[/spoiler]
>> No.9090  
File: 1542600639958.png -(415875 B, 494x671) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
buskets are good babey
breakfast food is conditioned to be very comfy for me because i sleep late a lot of the time
and if im getting breakfast or making it its usually a special day, and im up early to go somewhere fun or something like that
[spoiler]the high fat and salt content helps too

[/spoiler]*i am conditioned to feel this way about breakfast food
you cannot condition breakfast food as it is inanimate
>> No.9091  
My hair is inanimate yet I still condition it
>> No.9093  
please dont put conditioner on your breakfast
>> No.9094  
But that's how I make my grits voluminous and silky smooth...
>> No.9102  


>> No.9108  

What do you* mean *spoilers don't work anymore???

>> No.9154  

Anyone want to meet up at the biscuit kitchen this Saturday?

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