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141074 No.8875  
yumi my friend. would you like to get coffee sometime this week? I feel bad about not asking sooner.
>> No.8882  
File: 1540467858691.jpg -(83885 B, 800x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Hai klorb / RALph; I absolutely would... trouble is that I am p. busy through the end of this week. Maybe we could drop into the cup-a-joe (either on Hillsborough or in Mission Valley, whichever's most convenient) on this upcoming Tuesday, after my class so something like 6:30 would work well.
Only if you're not busy, we could do any day that week!
>> No.8883  
Wonderful! Cup a Joe 6:30, Tuesday, Hillsborough it is!
>> No.8960  
We'll be running a couple minutes late, the bus to the apartment was late today
>> No.8961  
No worriee
>> No.8965  
good fun guys
>> No.8971  
File: 1541005848859.jpg -(350541 B, 1000x907) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
yeah, lots of fun!
>> No.9024  
Yumi, does a computer read code one stream at a time? Or is that what multicore processors do?
>> No.9031  
Could you gib me protips about starting to use Linux? Maybe during/after the LUG meeting? I basically want something relatively easy-to-use, but with enough freedom to experiment if I'm so inclined. From what I've been reading, it looks like MOFO (or Mint or Zorin) would be the best build for me. I figure MOFO would be best since I would like to have some gd privacy while DLing back-ups of games I own and subtitled dragon ball z for which I buy the blurays, of course. I also wanna talk shit w/out ruining my chances at a job in gubbamint in my 30s/40s. AAAND seeing as how it's based off Ubuntu, it should be newbie friendly, right?
>> No.9038  
File: 1541883102392.png -(575491 B, 762x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
computers read instructions one at a time; multicore systems (if they're running an OS that can take advantage of the additional CPUs) can allow several different processes to execute instructions at the same time
I'm in the computer engineering OS dev. course rn so I'm really down to talk about it anytime
tjose // those should be user friendly
never used them but it they're based on ubuntu they should be pretty easy to get working on any kind of machine
you could probably steal one from the university (there's always a Dell Latitude sitting on the top floor of EB2) if you're crafty enough ^.^
>> No.9039  
Stealing is bad. Almost as bad as NCSU wifi, apparently...
Is there any specific programming language that I should learn, were I to get more in-depth?
You really inspired me. Plus I think that actually using a computer for cool stuff, may motivate me to decrease my time-killing screen time.
>> No.9040  
(not yumi~
Python is a good beginning language if you want to do stuff.
C is good if you want to learn the basics. A lot of C knowledge will transfer to other programming languages.
>> No.9041  
File: 1541895388759.jpg -(403897 B, 1200x675) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ah, sorry.
I've heard great things about Python from a couple friends back home. But since C (or C++) is/has been so widely used, it makes since to practice that first, right?
Are they any good tutorials/books that could teach through walking through projects, I mean, some tutorials that you recommend?
>> No.9043  
File: 1541959377399.jpg -(750614 B, 1442x1614) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.9141  
File: 1543856613736.png -(115735 B, 400x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

We should meet up again... maybe this coming Friday, sometime in the afternoon?

These past few weeks kicked me in the teeth and took my lunch money and my weekends; I want some space to breathe before the end of the term and I think getting coffee or something would really help.

Klorb especially, but it's really open to anyone who wants to take it easy on Friday too~

>> No.9149  

Cheg your email XD

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