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「Meeting new people?」

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How do you do it? Or do you do it at all?
walk up to someone in your best suit, stick out your hand and give them a firm handshake while introducing yourself
I've only ever managed it from work/class. You can sperg out in front of randos though. Sometimes that will land you a friend (on top of fleeting embarrassment)

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ted talks are coming to nc state on october 21

secret ted talks

about the end of debt through allegiant labor

fall from the sky into your arms

at the ted talk

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「video games become irl」

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im just sayin

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hey people:
i acquired like 1+ pounds of oolong tea
it fills multiple tea containers that i have
hit me up if you want some
its high quality stuff

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TF2 thread
Does anyone even play this game anymore?

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「Best restaurant in Raleigj」

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Where is the best place to eat in Raleigh? My absolute favorite place that I've eaten is Sushi Tsune on Hillsborough St, but there are a lot of places that I haven't tried either

Any underground joints, hole-in-the-wall places, or really unique restaurants?
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fuckin waba on hillsborough is great, and dp dough is the tits
>>7041 Neomonde is goat. Their baba is sublime and leaves my smoky garlic breath behind me wherever I go.
OP is a man of taste - I go to sushi tsune alone every time it's my birthday because I don't want to spend time with people on my bday, and the atmosphere is
c h i l l
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If you wanna be a posh fucker like me flying biscuit or tupelo are winners

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JC denton cant wait for RAL
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Why do you fight your own wordfilter?
Why don't you just succumb to the joke?
For what purpose do we exist?
These are questions an aspiring admin must answer for themself.
I don't understand what this is
Is it related to NCSU or just a new forum to shitpost on?
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It's unfortunate that I chose a name that's so confusing. From the info page:
>RAL is so named for the beautiful city of oaks in North Carolina which was my home for the time I wrote this site
RAL is not related to NCSU... it's a new genre of real-time textboard that I wrote from the ground-up

On the other hand, Howler (or rather, the softo. that Howler runs on) was written by someone else and modified by me

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Anyone heard his music? Trying to look for people to go see him live with
Ehh, a little too pop-ish. . . what nearby venue is he playing? I didn't see any NC stops
Hes playing in DC in April which is like 5 hours away

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Hi /friends/,
Before we start classes again I want to hang out with you all, new friends and old friends! Maybe we could shoot the breeze and drink Bud Light lime or whatever it is you kids are into these days.
It'd be in mid-August or close to it, definitely before the first day of classes on the 22nd

Let me know, anon!
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Today at 5PM. Meeting in the Talley Student Union atrium with the big carved wolf!
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Here! Sitting under the stairs.
We'll leave in ~10 minutes
Change of plans, we're going to Cookout!
#fortune (You will see cows in the near future)