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「Admins are Badmins」

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Do you think the admins will ban me solely for daring them to and saying they don't have the balls to follow through it with? p

Because I dare the admins to ban me, they fuckin won't. They care too much about community to exercise authoritarian power arbitrarily.

Your move, arbitrary gods of a small corner of the internet.
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they're not here, the board is near-ded

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Can anyone recommend a good /small/ music venue that caters to underground metal, indie stuff, etc.? Honestly smaller than pic related, something very intimate and preferably 21+
I had a place I went to in Asheville that was in a similar vein, very small and "local," if you've been you know the place
Anyone know something of the sort around here?

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「Weather Thread」

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Post here when weather happens

It's been nice recently!
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I hate rain and wet socks I'd rather die
I want it to get cold now
I am done done done with the heat
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Rain! Medium amounts of it! At intervals!
Get it while you can! Rainy walks for everyone while it lasts!
Enjoy the rain streaming past streetlights!

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How was your day today anon?

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Astoundingly boring so far. Looking forward to this 3 day weeknd though.
Woke up at 1:00 and Im bout to spend my whole weeknd blitzed and playing the new Monster Hunter
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Fine; not even the bus wanted to hang out tho shit was wack

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anyone else /NonTraditional/ at NCSU
im like 25 and can't find myself relating to any of my babby peers
they play fortnite unironically
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Halo 2 or 3 with you buddy
>>8416 my biggest interest lately is not being lonely to the point where it is worsening my mental health:^)
im also relearning guitar lately
Play paladins its like free overman

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「What is there to do in Raleigh for poor boys?」

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Sunday night of a long weeknd and this all I got.
>All nearby camping areas areas are paid
>Museums close early (and get old)
>Outrun at Boxcar eats my quarters like candy
Everything else I've found remotely interesting (clubs, local attractions, &c.) have weird hours and, like museums, would get old quick.
>I have no money but I must repose
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What's even at boxcar? I haven't had a chance go or anyone to go with.
It's on their site. Mostly old Namco and Capcom stuff.
If you're ever short on cash and looking for fun, you can do homework or study
Remember to take a break sometimes and drink lots of water!

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would someone care to explain how a board dedicated to lonely ex-4chan users at university remains dead despite the wide-spread despair of the portion of the student body that lurks there?
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almost every board is shit, anon. that's just how imageboards are; there are plenty of other interesting things to read on the internet (e.g. textboards, mailing lists, IRC logs) but imageboards are hardly conducive to progressive discussion
>progressive discussion
I'm not sure what you mean by this term. Like discussion that progresses to an end/conclusion?
>200 iq genious here

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Hai remember to tune in to the campus radio sometimes because there's a lot of good music that goes on there.
88.1 FM or online at
I really like the DJ on now
There's also an app (RadioFX now) which is apparently a united app for college radio stations across the country
Not that I'd listen to anything but WKNC, of course

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Have you seen the bnha movie yet? Are you planning to see it? Do you think it'll make it to normie tier at some point? (AMC is showing it this saturday at 4pm)
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I dont believe you have to be up to date with the dragon ball z to be able to go see it. I think it might be showing for more than one screening, so I hope you get to see it at some point! It's honestly a little jarring to know that dragon ball z does get screened here, but that's because I still can't figure out how socially common animanga is here.
why is it improved lmao
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I’m going to watch it with my boyfriend on the 25th. Hope it’s a good time and that the movie lives up to the show!