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which one of you fuckers in
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I'm not really sure what it is either... can OP explain?
I don't even understand what this thread is about
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the fedora i think

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「[HOT] Campus Off-topic Mailing List」

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Hi friends,
I'm opening a highly-experimental off-topic discussion mailing list for on-campus discussion. It's not as cool as Howler, but as far as I can tell, it's the only mailing list on campus that has any activity :P
Send an email to with no subject. Put this in the body:

subscribe traffic-safety-club

Alternatively you can scan the QR code which has the e-mail already filled out

Once you're subscribed, you can send e-mail to everyone on the list by sending To:

I hope we can become the most notorious traffic safety club on campus!
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I think ~10 people would make for a good discussion list size, so if you know anyone who wants to be a part of this experimental project, have them either mail me at: (that's my address)
or scan the QR code, which should fill out the subscription e-mail

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「Crypto Club」

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Is there like a cryptography club or something similar at ncsu? I know that there are a lot of computer-focused clubs like the LUG + professional development orgs. for CS people but there's nothing that's like crypto-specific from what I can see

Looking to exchange public keys in a non-sexual way
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you could simulate the real thing instead!
this sounds super cute. I'd be in for this sort of thing. I'm currently trying to get in contact with one of the crypto profs here, but she's super busy :(
People still use Telenet?

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Fuck It's sideways
square > round desu
I remember for parents weeknd in the fall, Fountain had honest-to-god office-core porcelain coffee cups. They kept them around for a few days, but I wish they could have stayed longer

also howler's exif rotation detection is confusing. I think every picture I've ever posted here has flipped

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Why don't we improver them irl
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but how would one improver them? can greeks really improver or are they stuck?
>>7246 i meant to say f i l t e r but it got f i l t e r e d
Ah yes, I forgot that they got that one in the word improver. The improver really does improve my life.
I don't understand how we are not already f'ing them. They're pretty separated and insular apart from rush times.

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Hi friends, full-time student here. And by full-time, I mean that I am doing absolutely nothing besides school. Because there is such minimal obligation otherwise (family lives far away, friends don't do much etc.) I'm considering picking up a job on-campus.
Does anyone have experience working while in school (not necessarily at NCSU)? I know that it will be a lot of balance but I'm sincerely looking for opinions.
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I was an RA for a couple years and I don't really recommend it. It's a lot of work/stress, but you get to meet a lot of cool people.
I'm happy to not be doing it anymore.
i work in
Cookout is always hiring, even if it sucks ass, ive also done retail and survived

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「Howler Bureau of Investigation」

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Is this teh DDR at boxcar in RAL?
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The setup was really different when I went in there a week ago
also they had some new games
>>>>>new games
if there's an initial D cab in there im gonna shit a brick
Don't remember seeing one
they added a star wars game that I loved playing as a kid in adventure landing though
I ended up spending a few bucks on it

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Summertime depression has set in
what are the howlers up to?
local dragon ball z con begins on Friday
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but the real question is did you go?
I did go, but hardly
Friday night I got drunk and spent most of Saturday at home, only went for a few hours that day
didn't go sunday because of board games and a date
“Also worthy of mention is a clique among the suicidal for whom the meaning of their act is a darker thing. Frustrated as perpetrators of an all-inclusive extermination, they would kill themselves only because killing it all is closed off to them. They hate having been delivered into a world only to be told, by and by, “This way to the abattoir, Ladies and Gentlemen.” They despise the conspiracy of Lies for Life almost as much as they despise themselves for being a party to it. If they could unmake the world by pushing a button, they would do so without a second thought. There is no satisfaction in a lonesome suicide. The phenomenon of “suicide euphoria” aside, there is only fear, bitterness, or depression beforehand, then the troublesomeness of the method, and nothingness afterward. But to push that button, to depopulate this earth and arrest its rotation as well—what satisfaction, as of a job prettily done. This would be for the good of all, for even those who know nothing about the conspiracy against the human race are among its injured parties.”
― Thomas Ligotti, The Conspiracy Against the Human Race

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Anyone here taking MA131?
No. I took MA141 and failed it cuz I'z an idiot
ma 131 is not hard

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Does anyone want to write a story with me soon?
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I want to write a story in any medium, no rules. We could start off short, because I think it's a terrible penalty to start off with the idea that a story needs to be long
So a short story

And the story can be about anything, drawn from personal experience or something new entirely. I'm in love with the idea of creating a new world and weaving some characters and emotion into it but it doesn't need to be so

Once we have some friends and some ideas I'd like to put them down on paper and think about the medium. I'm considering writing this as an interactive exploration / adventure using the TADS 3 text adventure software
I have no experience with it, but I think that we can really do a lot with it.
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oic....i thought you meant like an actual book. i sort of want to write educational kids books some day for the lulz
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