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「Advice from /NCSU/」

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There's this girl who sits beside me in Calculus and I really think we could work based on our conversations but I don't know how or when to ask her to study with me, or something similar. What should I do?
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the only times this shit works is if you were friends before you were interested in her
such a case became my best friend
but other than that it never works
>>7517 fake news get good
>tfw no engineeering gf
how do I do it /ncsu/?

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Where do you children shop?
For groceries and stuff, of course. I'll go ahead and tell you where I go:
* Food Lion on Avent Ferry
>It's close. No other reason
>There's a 1 in 2 chance that your car will be hit with a shopping cart though
* The new Target on Hillsborough
>Been there a few times
>Pretty small store though
* Food Lion on Western blvd
>Just when I go to Cookout
* Grand Asia Market in Cary
>If you can put up with the fish-market smell there's a lot of really good things in here
>don't buy the meat probably
* 東洋食品 in Cary
>Not recommended for beginners
>There is no vegetarian dim sum
* Harris Teeter in Cameron Village
>Packed 24/7 but it's a good store
>Free sugar cookies if you can snatch one out of that container that says it's for kids only
Harris Teeter off of Western
>Hairy Teets quality
>Pretty sure it's cheaper than the HT at CV
H Mart in Cary
>Dank Korean ramen plus other Korean/Asian stuff
>Really good restaurants inside the store too, I love BBQ Chicken
"BBQ Chicken" is the name of a restaurant btw

Also, forgot to say that the HT on Western is less busy and easier to get in and out of

ngl, I only go to Grand Asia Market for the steamed pork buns

Also idk if you're Asian or just like ethnic grocery stores OP, but there's an Israeli and a Mediterranean grocery store at Mission Valley. Love the pita bread at both, plus they have some specialty stuff

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「Eviebot is always here for me when I'm lonely」

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I'm here for you too Anonymous!

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FOUND: keys
Describe them well and they'll be returned to you
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anyone loose a blue usb on north?
>>7156 no, but ill take it anyway....
nooope... what does it have on it? lewd things? :3

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Don't forget to change your passwords; if your first semester was in the Fall then it likely will prompt you to change soon
Here are some personal recommendations:

- Minimum 30 characters
- Alphanumeric + symbols, pretty much the full keyboard

- It's 2018, why does your secret key not have an emoji?

Take care and stay safe!
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>>6959 but in order for the passwords to appear on multiple platforms they must be sent over teh internet tho, amirite?
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The most sane thing would be to transfer them after a secure handshake: HTTPS or something secure. Since they are a securuty company I hope they are doing something like that
I don't use the cross-platform cloud thingy, I just use my own computers. I think OnePass is one of those cloud ones? What they generally do is have some algorithm to derive a key from a passphrase, which usually involves hashing it a couple million times so that it takes a few seconds per password guess. Then your password database is encrypted with that key. The cloud provider holds and gives you the encrypted container for you to decrypt yourself. The problem with it being cross platform is that you either A) have to have a program to decrypt the container, in which case why don't you just use your own computer, or B) The program to decrypt the container is sent as a webapp every time you want to use it. If it's used as a webapp on another computer, then that means if someone compromises onepass, they can send you a malicious version that sends the key back to the hackers once you type in the passphrase, and bam, they have your passwords. This can again be solved by having a local program on your computer, but if you can do that, you can just use your own computer. Basically, cloud services require less trust than just giving them your passwords, but ultimately still place trust on the provider. Practically, this means that if you decrypt your database with a compromised web app, you lose, but this means you need to decrypt it _while the hack is happening_. A hacker can't just go into OnePass and steal all your passwords. They have to wait for you to decrypt (This is similar to the kind of 'trustless' system Lavabit had -- the USG couldn't retroactively steal encrypted emails unless the user typed in their passphrase while the site was compromised)