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File: 1549996788726.jpg -(963825 B, 3120x4160) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
963825 No.9357  

Port City Java über alles: anywhere else (on-campus at least) just gets shit on because:

  1. You can't beat the price
  2. and the lines move fast

Like holy shit if I wanted a cup of coffee and I thought "Damn, I really want to wait in line for everyone and their mom to order a fucking frappe today" then maybe I'd go to the *cucks in the basement of Talley and wait ~1 hour for my americano
but why would I do that when I could go to the PCJ on the (((1st))) floor and order a USA and be out of there faster than you could flunk out of first-year engineering? that's a good cup of coffee

>> No.9362  

I do not comprehend why people willingly starB themselves when literally anything else exists (Hella Beans is my favored). Fun fact, though, apparently Space$s introduced (read: copied from Europe) the idea of a café to Amerifats (and totally missed the point, as AmFats always do when importing culture).

Ammies will never understand the pleasures of after dinner coffee because Amorals only understand coffee as a drug pushed by the owner-class to improve worker efficiency. They will never understand the pleasing nature of a a cup of coffee because they will only ever use it as work-fuel or addiction-fodder.

I hope one day to see the American people freed from the bonds of servitude to the owner class. It may not be as bad as GoGoNippon, but when looking at Yurop you can see that employers (and culture to a lesser degree) devalue the individual life in favor of the big, fat bottom line. When productivity has been increasing, why have both hours and wages (relative to cost of living) remained the same?

May you retake ownership of your labor and enjoy peacefully the pleasantries of coffee. I pray also to not be b& for pol banter, for though I feel the line has not been crossed I feel it ever looming.

>> No.9377  

I chuckled.

>> No.9382  


>make café
>no standing room at the bar
>no outside seating
>sterile, purely anti-cozy environment
>no old guys playing cards/chess
>croissants cost more than the coffee
>the coffee costs half an hour's pay+

why do americans do this
conversely, why did europeans cuck their populations taking away guns an shit
I'm tired of picking a lesser of two evils

>> No.9385  
File: 1550866148567.png -(238148 B, 768x576) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

seasoned coffiends, what do you deem the best beverage to get from cuppy joe?

and between the hillsborough and mission valley locations, which is superior?

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