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12858 No.9351  
>a full semester + a few weeks here at state
>still literally no social life

Feels bad man
Seriously though how do you even make friends here? I've tried joining clubs but I don't really have time for clubs anymore + I didn't really click with anyone when I went. I can't seem to find anyone who I can talk to in most of my classes either. What the hell am I doing wrong? I've never had trouble making friends until college.

>> No.9353  

If it makes you feel any better I am struggling with the same problem and I know hundreds of other people here are too.

>> No.9354  

its like trying to get a girl. if you think about it too much, it doesnt happen.

>> No.9355  

I'm about to sound like a meme, but you need to put yourself out there.
I didn't understand what that meant for a long time, this is my 7th year here (4 years of undergrad and now 3 in PhD) and I didn't make any friends until the end of my 5th year.

I got tired of being lonely and went out of my way to talk to people, ask to study with them even if I understood the material, hung out in the department student lounges, invited people to lunch often, started (a very short lived) movie night, joined the department's board game club, etc.

Also you have to make time for this stuff. You said you didn't have time for clubs, like no one does. You make time for a social life and spend less time doing stuff you like doing on your own.

>> No.9356  


>its like trying to get a girl. it doesnt happen.


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