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1118672 No.9344  

Where are the best plqces to park?... and more importantly is there anywhere I can park before 5PM for free?

>> No.9345  

Pullen Park is a popular illegitimate parking place. There's also the option of smashing that Park and Ride life which I can recommend from experience, bus life is pretty comfy.
Park and Ride locations are PNC Arena, Food Lion, and A Secret One between Centennial and Main (apparently closed until Fall)

>> No.9346  
File: 1549487002569.png -(326558 B, 1440x2560) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

fuck man buses fucking fuck ass I want to get home faster

>> No.9347  

as a former wolf line rider and current electric scooter owner, i can say with reasonable confidence that personal electric transportation is the way to go... especially if you charge on campus.

>> No.9348  

what this goy said

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