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Welcome back, /yu/!

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25834 No.9336  

hello everyone.
i'm no uni folk but i'm surprised you guys got an imageboard.
hope everyone is doing well

>> No.9337  

every day is painful and I beg for the sweet release of death

>> No.9338  

death is only the beginning bucko, buckle up

>> No.9339  

how did you find out about our humble space anon?

>> No.9341  

don't do it anon.
wait until you graduate.
have a friend who likes looking up obscure chans and he found this.

>> No.9342  

What an odd hobby. How does one find the secret chans?

>> No.9343  

Has your friend found any good foreign language chans (non-Japanese)?

>> No.9349  

usually there are portals that collect a bunch of chans and from where you can check them out.
sometimes, you can find some chans linked on a chan's page, probably due to friend relations between owners or common themes in their board topics.
take a look here, maybe you'll find one

>> No.9350  

Blessed is he who provides

Hispachan es exacatamente lo que quería. Me odia que el tablón de Juegos y Rol (/r/) es en realidad un /qst/ en español, pero la vida existe para darnos la esperanza y después el sufrimiento.

>> No.9378  

Chanpink which become Mewchan started out targeting uni students in general (instead of NCSU specifically) but ended up totally different.

>> No.9381  

chanpink was really weird; it wasn't really advertised as a uni imageboard tho...
posters for howler get put up on a semi-irregular basis

mewch is down, right?

>> No.9388  

Yeah. I don't miss their spam though people advertising back and forth does lead one to find new boards. There was a nice 2D chub thread on there. I don't follow IB drama.

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