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40082 No.9328  

does english have past tense forms of prepositions? or had at some point? do we have any linguists here at howler?

like what would the past tense of through be? i think other languages have this.

>> No.9329  

What languages have past tense prepositions?? Not English, nor Japanese, nor French, nor Russian. Do you know something I don't?

English has accusative and genitive preps tho.

>> No.9330  

i have no idea if there are any languages that do. i figure if english has those weird old sing sung sang forms of verbs there might be some weird old prepositions that are like that to.

>> No.9331  

There's never any reason to to mark tense on a preposition. Past markers are typically bound to verbs or are sometimes unbound (chillin' alone).

Middle english and early modern english do have some dope stuff like different conjugation schemes and cases. Cases kinda petered off in early modern, with the exception of tonic pronouns and certain prepositions. I mean you can read about all this on wiki if you want.
Cases of preps are really cool though. like
-ence = from (where, here, there)
-ither = to
-ere = at
"Whence comest thou? Whither goest thou? And where are we now"

>> No.9335  

never a reason?? hmmmm

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