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32857 No.9316  

im trying to put mintlinux onto a lenovo v570 laptop and when i change the boot priorities to take this usb first it doesnt go through. just boots windows. am i missing something?

>> No.9317  

Funny enough I talked with someone who uses Mint on his laptop this morning. OP did you just copy the files over to your flash drive or did you write the ISO to the USB?

I recommend using a USB writer like Rufus (https://rufus.ie). Just d/l the utility and follow the prompts to locate your ISO and write it to the flash drive... then just change boot priorities and you should be good.

>> No.9318  

i wrote em onto it with a iso writer program. i dont remember what it was but ill give rufus a shot

>> No.9319  

You sure you remember to save the boot order?
Like >>9317 said you should use Rufus. Otherwise I'll flash it for you in exchange for one (1) buttermilk biscuit.

P.s. use x-/k-/lubuntu instead. Mint is even more downstream iirc.

>> No.9323  

I just realized that the files might have isolinux instead of syslinux

>> No.9324  

I got it installed. im not good enough at any coding linux stuff to worry about the minutiae of different kernels or whatever.
is that bad?

>> No.9326  

Ok, well distros* are mostly a meme tbh, but I wanted you to look at different desktop environments, so you'd have the best experience possible. Xfce, kde, and lxde/lxqt being the best ones.
And no >>9323 was a possible explanation of why it wasn't working

>> No.9327  

everything is installed. even got IDLE to work on here. thanks all!

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