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hello dear admin. is your radio stream still up? how do i host my own radio?
good day sir.

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File: 1548128701903.jpg -(29699 B, 438x505) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yes you're right the radio does not work atm; nice OP picture.
30XXFM will be up before February: I'm taking a break from server work / maintainance until then to focus on other things.

> How do I host my own radio?

This is pretty much the way I run things. It's a lightly more complex set-up with two radios (and having them always running) but the premise is the same.

>> No.9321  

Where can I find and listen to this radio?
(When it's back up that is)

>> No.9322  
File: 1548889828860.png -(324391 B, 750x763) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's here (and up now; I fixed something w/o meaning to the other day) — https://prettyboytellem.com/30XX/
I recorded 15 or 20 different bumps w/ various amounts of layered digital effects the other day on a good-quality microphone; I've been thinking about putting one on after every 2~3 songs but that's (yet another) feature that I haven't written because I am busy with both tedious and not-so-tedious things otherwise.

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I didn't know the owner of Ralee posted here. Its a small 'Net after all.

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