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537553 No.9240  

y’all got ghost stories about state?

>> No.9241  

boogeymen probably live in the steam tunnels

I'd love to go down there (just 1nce!) but from what I've heard it's fairly hot and cramped.

>> No.9243  

oh my god those are so creepy they’re amazing

>> No.9245  


Any idea how to enter the tunnels tho?

>> No.9246  

I’m sure with enough searching online there’s a way to find out where the entrances are

>> No.9247  

maybe try finding out where they enter in this video. Dark and low quality, so good luck. Also, it appears they got lucky and found a maintenance door unlocked.


>> No.9248  

manhole near tri-towers


>> No.9249  

Now the only thing I need is someone crazy enough to go ghost hunting in the tunnels with me

>> No.9256  


a lot of the sites describing it say exposed wiring and steam jets everywhere, you might become a ghost down there.

>> No.9259  

It's also supposedly like a direct track to being expelled from the university if you're a student.

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