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19980 No.9236  

saw the ad for this by Dabney and ended up here bc

  1. anime girl
  2. site name is howler

Furries of ncsu unite

>> No.9242  
File: 1547439866750.jpg -(285053 B, 1000x1105) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

but i do not wish for fur, i wish only for death and friendship

captcha: no

>> No.9244  


there are about 20 furries at ncsu that I know of

>> No.9250  

>>9244 and they’re all on here

>> No.9253  

Places for you to yiff:

  1. Hell
  2. Pullen Park
  3. FurAffinity

And yet you come here?

>> No.9254  

here’s the real question: why do you know three separate places to go for furry porn

>> No.9255  
>> 9253

you forget e621

>> No.9260  


>granny told me that furfags will all yiff in hell
>friend of a friend spotted furries in pullen park on a jog
>exgf was a furry who told me she puts all her drawings on FA, even the non-furry futa stuff sge linked me

The fugg is that shit furfriend

>> No.9261  

Can confirm on Pullen Park, have also seen fursuiters.

Can also confirm e621 by reputation

>> No.9269  


>> No.9272  

anyone have sfur they wanna share? gfur is k too, but i like sfur better

>> No.9274  


I've been to a couple of those meets, we get together, eat, hang out, then walk down to the carousel so people can get pictures with the fursuiters.

1st Saturday of every month btw.

ALSO there's a furry convention in Raleigh this weekend, Anthro Crossroads East (A.C.E.).

>> No.9275  
File: 1547772724307.gif -(295678 B, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

watch yourself(!)

>> No.9276  

what is sfur and gfur?

>> No.9287  

Save your innocence.

>> No.9289  


>people get pictures with the fursuiters

Jesus Christ how horrifying

>> No.9300  


Correction, kids get pictures with the fursuiters.

>> No.9301  
File: 1548312016713.jpg -(48957 B, 839x846) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.9302  

a /pol/ meme was good for once.

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