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26807 No.9229  

quick list of things that make me more uncomfortable than a an old ass professor being really flirty with the TA:


>> No.9230  

2) Also nothing

That sounds awful

>> No.9234  

What's wrong with trying to get some pusspuss on the job?

>> No.9235  

a concept: you get the inkling that your job supervisor/superior/whatever wants to do things to your crotch.
you feel nervous about confronting them about this or outright turning them down because they play a part in the trajectory of your future career

thats why it sucks lmao

>> No.9262  

lol, is this from a math class? because I know some candidates

>> No.9263  

are you the flirtee?

>> No.9264  

>>9263 thankfully no, I’m just a student

>> No.9266  

ya I doubt profs. post on howler... I'm sure the most they ever do is lurk

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