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153815 No.9215  

New term; post those schedules and make me feel less bad about having class until 9:20!

>> No.9216  
File: 1546957585460.png -(5600 B, 698x173) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.9217  

Goddamn: I want to DJ at WKNC but:

> To apply, just attend one of these meetings and be able to attend training sessions during the following six Wednesday evenings, starting Wednesday, Jan. 16, at 6 p.m.

Wednesday, wednesday, wednesday!
That's when that reaallly late class is; it's my preperatory class for the fundamentals of engineering exam: there's no way I'm going to give up taking that class though just to do some extracurricular stuff because I've made it a more important goal to get my FE cert than to DJ.

But fuck man I just wanted to spin discs for the radio.

>> No.9226  

JUST message them and splain.
Alternatively have a friend in class take notes for you so you can skip.

>encouraging people not out of kindness but selfish desire to hear dank ass electronic &/or japanese jams

I hereby request ONE (1) Tatsuro Yamashita song to be played while I'm in my car

>> No.9227  

lol, as someone who's met many of the wknc DJs (and has dated two of them), it takes a special person to DJ there

>> No.9228  

but have you ever dated the autoDJ robot?
he has pretty good taste

>> No.9364  

I keep piling things on my daily schedule: doing extracurricular stuff is fun and it's also fun to explore hobbies but I really have to keep on-top of everything...

What does everyone here do with their free-time?

>> No.9371  

My favorite hobby is tabletop games with my friends (shout-out to my friends, you guys are fun)
It's also sort of my only hobby since I haven't been engaging in my favorite sports recently due to a mixture of aging out of the campus community and weather.
I hope to get physically active again soon, though.

>> No.9374  

yeah this weather is real shit. hope it warms up soon.
Seeing the sun sometime would be nice

>> No.9497  
File: 1554296639386.jpg -(57411 B, 1235x395) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I found out I don't have lab at 8:30 when I got to lab at 8:30

>> No.9499  

I’m doing all online classes in the fall semester, I really need the flexibility as I’m aiming to do more out-of-school work related to my major, and this semester was already hard enough to balance. Hopefully that flexibility also helps me to have a little more time for social stuff. I’ve hardly done any this semester.

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