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I live in a small residence hall, but my friend's hall (Syme) is yuuge. Whats the best dorm out there?

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Cosy picture OP.
Anyway it's Watauga Hall hands down

  • Mix of suite-style and hall-style
  • Suites only have two rooms (i.e. four people per suite)
  • Huge refrigerator and microwave for the suite
  • Convenient for North campus
  • Very quiet
  • Near Clark dining hall
  • Near the Belltower
  • Only three floors

Attached is a picture of practicaly the first day I moved in to Watauga.
TBH dorm-life sucks (see: no kitchen) just get into an apartment when convenient. Sure you'll have to cook and clean (hopefully you already clean your dorm) but at least you don't need to put up with living in university housing.
I've heard that Bragaw has the largest rooms: though, the rooms in Lee hall might rival that.

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