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34262 No.9120  

I wonder if we have enough activity to talk about movies. I try to watch a lot and not just eastern stuff.

This morning I watched Super, mostly because of Ellen Page. It was surprisingly good, although [spoiler]that rape scene really surprised me[/spoiler].

I log all my on letterboxd if anyone else has an account

>> No.9122  

Also watched Badlands and Train to Busan

Both are highly rated but I thought they were so-so. Preferred Super over them honestly, but I am a sucker for Ellen Page movies (except into the forest but that's some horseshit)

>> No.9124  

Watched Fury, Hacksaw Ridge, and Whiplash. All of them got me so hyped up! Would watch again.

>> No.9125  

watch movies with me next semester pls

>> No.9132  

Those are all good, Whiplash is my favorite of the three. That ending scene is so good.

I used to run a movie club for the graduate students in my department. Died out when it was just me and my friend showing up. Maybe I should start up a howler one.

>> No.9137  

i agree 729% about whiplash. i watched it twice cuz it was so good.

the ballad of buster scruggs is next on my list.

i have tons of movie files if you can provide the venue.....

>> No.9139  

A girl is coming over tomorrow night to watch a movie. She likes horror movies. What should we watch? Bonus points if it's on netflix because I don't know her attitudes about downloading.

>> No.9140  

So far I have a list of Green Room, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Blade, and Creep
Don't really know how well those would be a date though, especially Green Room lol

>> No.9143  

Tucker and Dale might be a little light-hearted, Creep is top shelf, though. I watched Creep 2 yesterday with a qt and it was a very good time.

>> No.9144  

Tucker and Dale is the only one of those I haven't seen. Creep is pretty amazing though. I suppose it doesn't really matter what we watch as long as it isn't really long or boring.

I watched Blade 2 for the first time today, based Wesley Snipes.

>> No.9145  
File: 1543876940249.jpg -(73253 B, 969x1143) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It Follows is solid and probably decent for dates but she mightve seen it

The VVitch is fucking fantastic but atmosphere-heavy (dunno if thats your thing)

Whatever you do don't watch Raw on a date

Train to Busan is good, but it kind of ends up doing the modern zombie movie thing where its more action/thriller than horror

Tag is absolutely wild and great, but not 100% horror and has little narrative clarity. But its kind of uplifting and has a killer post-rock soundtrack

Stitches is a surprisingly enjoyable horror comedy just to have on and chuckle at

The Void has a really shitty script but the body horror scenes are wonderful

Good luck, hope you guys enjoy whatever you watch

>> No.9150  

Thanks for the advice guys, she comes over in two hours. I'll suggest The Invitation, Creep, and The Void. Hopefully at least one of those she hasn't seen.

>> No.9153  

We watched the invitation, the date went well
We made out for so long I got physically exhausted lmao

>> No.9155  

Such a good movie. And making out that long/hard is truly best life. Glad it went well, fam.

>> No.9156  

Fornicator! You're going to Hell, sinner!

>> No.9159  

no fornication took place friend

>> No.9161  

yeah, but you wanted to

>> No.9162  
File: 1544100441301.png -(1292842 B, 1324x535) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.9163  

ill slap some girl juice on my willy and cum on a bitch.

>> No.9165  
File: 1544206884209.jpg -(8714 B, 182x268) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>I wake up feeling unsure about almost everything
>and I wonder why I wake up at all just to face the same uncertainties over and over again

This film is great

>> No.9405  

ive been really into neo noir films lately.
brick is gud.
minority report? ehhhhh...

>> No.9417  
File: 1551814330467.png -(588751 B, 661x722) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I suppose this is a good place to ask- anybody into eastern european films and stuff? I'd love to find a film buddy- if I'm by myself I tend to get sidetracked and take 2 days to finish a movie :/ I remember an anon on here who reccommended me some nice films and music from Czech Republic and Russia some time ago.

>> No.9420  
File: 1551834772022.jpg -(110716 B, 630x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

taxidermia is a pretty good hungarian movie, if you can get past the occasional grossout. i once met the guy that made its soundtrack.

if you can provide the venue, ill be your film buddy...

>> No.9421  

I was the aforementioned anon. Anyone wanna see Battleship Potemkin with me?

>> No.9424  

Watch Hard to Be a God, 2013 Russian film
Extremely good

>> No.9425  

text me anon! 3367824911. If you can bring a laptop with HDMI I have a nice screen mounted in my room.

>> No.9516  

just watched patlabor 1: decent movie.

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