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Like, nerds in the south may have fond memories of fried catfish they caught themselves, homemade cornbread, college football, outdoorsy hobbies, guns, and all sorts of normie stuff...
But then they turn around and say "Misato is best girl" or "All according to keikaku" or they program a knockoff Uzbekistani Charcoal Drawing forum and entitle one of the subforums "Sweet Tea Time," Or they'll make iced oolong to wash down their squirrel, or they'll say y'all...
&c. It's just a bit bizarre when you see statist vaguely californian, lolsuchanerdxD bugmen on the internet, and slovenly overweight dudes at cons and in animu, but here, we've got these hybrid, roughly well-adjusted nerds who partake in subcultures associated by certain people with these undesirable types.
And Maybe it's just the media.
>> No.9012  
File: 1541466043892.jpg -(74200 B, 961x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
My end goal is to spend more money on a car too fast for my own good than my kids' college tuition.
>> No.9016  
That's easy, just don't have kids and then you can spend two (2) whole dollars on a sporty HotWheels

It's basically the best. There's still the bottom-shelf otaku/weebs, but there's so many people who are just down for the get down
[spoiler]Not that otaku/weebs are bottom-shelf, just that we have the bottomers[/spoiler]
It's also the magic of college, all the nerds get collected in one place where the CHADs are less common and you're not going to
be ostracized for your media preferences. Nothing better than dragon ball z decals all over your hunting rifle to remind you that
we live in a very strange world.
>> No.9017  
>dragon ball z decals all over your hunting rifle
Do you one better, there was this one guy I saw at my undergrad who drove around with his windows down blasting hip-hop in his suped-up Nissan with a huge literal DBZ decal on each side, actual moonrunes on the windshield and a rising sun front plate.

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