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719775 No.9002  
I ran the marathon today
where my fellow runner howlers at
>> No.9003  
I used to run, but it kills my muscle growth, since I'm full-on ectomorph boy. Proud of you, AWOO~!
>> No.9007  
How fast? Im in running club and go ~7 miles @ 7 min/mile pace. Havent gone over 10 since i moved to NC. (10 miles)
>> No.9008  
I'm a pretty slow runner for all distances
5k pr 20:41, 10k 43:58, half 1:33, full 3:54
the one I'm the most proud of is the half, done this april. not in that good of a shape right now though
>> No.9014  
full mile in 3:54???
>> No.9015  
I think that's full marathon in 3hr 54min
I could be mistaken, though, I'm not a runner so idk what a plausible time range is
>> No.9018  
that makes more sense lmao
>> No.9022  
the fastest marathons are just over 2 hours, qualifying for boston is 3
My time is alright. For reference I finished just barely in the top 33% at city of oaks and top 40% in my PR race

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