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1851864 No.8995  
Y'all howlers still going to the Maywood tonight?
>> No.8996  
Shit. Phoneposting is hard

>> No.8997  
Was actually p lame. Schedule was different than advertised (so no Space Punk), black metal band was... black metal, i.e. worst metal, and the power metal group, though pretty decent was old, AND like no one was there at that point, so it was pretty low-energy. Still more fun than being home alone on a saturday night.
>> No.8998  
I was invited to a math-rock concert on Sunday but I have to do schoolwork :\
>> No.8999  
Did you say MATH ROCK???
is it a free show/a not private show?
or at least a cheap show?
>> No.9001  
no details, sorry
MATH ROCK is GOAT and I would love to be able to go
It's just so hard to find out about shows; I went to a vapor~wave show my first year here out of a VHS shop that was a little north and west of the warehouse district in downtown. That was really kickass and I'm glad scenes like that exist: but I don't think you'll find people talking about it in the street too often

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