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345481 No.8851  
>> No.8852  
The US diversity rec? English with Bateman is prob. the best from what I've heard... err, that's American Literature ENG 265 which is American lit. 1 but the material just is gruesome...
>> No.8853  
I took SOC 203 Current Social Problems with Jackson
great professor, also took cultural anthro with him
wasn't difficult
>> No.8855  
The fuck is a racial diversity class? Does the wolfline not count?
grad student here, so I did not have to take that stuff.
>> No.8857  
SOC 203 sounds like the best bet since it should cunt for the social science requirement as well. Rip *count
>> No.8858  
>>8855 i thought i typed that in an alternate universe....but that was one of the reasons why i bought an electric scooter and ride to campus...
>> No.8859  
>> No.8869  
ANT 254 language and culture is a pretty easy
US diversity class that really doesn't go much into politics. (professor is openly left-wing, the only real dogma that he pushes is that "all languages are good for everything")
A lot of US diversity courses are a pain in the ass though, you have to tiptoe around the prof's feelings and they also force you to communicate your views, which leads to making you lie a lot.
Even if you are racism, workplace exploitation, environmental pollution etc., you will be called out for using the wrong words or not memorizing the "correct" viewpoint.
^ meant to say "Even if you are against"
t. had to check his privilege after criticizing Saudi Arabia for human rights violations
>> No.8871  
we have racial diversity classes now? wtf
>> No.8872  
They're actually just talking about the US Diversity GEP requirement, it's not specifically racial
The idea is just so that we can graduate people with a 100% guarantee that we #tried to make them
understand the US isn't just WASPs and Catholics. Mind you the overwhelming majority go into it
thinking it's bullshit, treat it like it's bullshit, pass, and go on thinking it's bullshit so they don't seem to
have much effect on the beliefs etc of the campus popn.
>> No.8874  
still, that shit gey mayne.
>> No.8876  
>> No.8879  
Honestly among university population, you have a considerable amount of atheists, nominal christians, hindus, east-asian atheists (different because their philosophies are treated as religions over here for some reason), and muslims, so... Really, it's kinda rare that I run into WASPs in sophmore+ year, and when you do they're them real bible-readin' boys, i.e. hardly comparable to your average lvl 1 protestant. Also I have only known chill--or prudish--catholics.
tl;dr colleges already are diverse

Also, studying abroad as a requirement would be 10x better for developing cultural awareness &c. than drilling unfounded goodthinkfulness into people's heads. Because you know, in other cultures people openly acknowledge and discuss cultural differences.

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