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File: 1540078664957.jpg -(1162245 B, 2560x1588) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1162245 No.8831  
school wasted my week and now it's wasting my weeknd
>> No.8832  
same desu
so behind that ive been studying 4 hrs/day the last week
still not caught up, but focusing more on test material now
highly concerned about this class, this is my last semester and i need it so F here is +1 semester
which ofc would be incredibly frustrating
only thing keeping me sane is my bed time and huge breaks/going out in the day
we're all gonna make it, right?
>> No.8833  
god, I honestly love hearing about you guys that have the integrity and sense of self preservation to have a self imposed curfew. I've tried it with some success, but I keep falling off the bandwagon in favour of zombifying by the light of my cell phone. Lately I've been more successful at just going to sleep without wasting time on Webtoon or various imageboards. Probably bc of all the exercise I put myself through!
>> No.8835  
File: 1540177870318.jpg -(497048 B, 1564x2028) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Zombifying light of my cell phone
Fellow bed-time boy here. I've been trying to fight the temptation of internet and phone for a while now. I'm making a final campaign against Belphegor this winter though. You should join me; through mutual encouragement we can beat this.
>> No.8836  
That sounds lovely, anon! How do you say we keep in touch? (bc I mayyy be hoping to make a friend here. A true comrade in bedtime)
In any case, I'll strongly reccommend a nice cup of tea and a book. Or a journal. 10/10 feels comfy as a pre-bedtime ritual.
>> No.8837  
successful bed-timer here. i never have my comp on past curfew and set my phone to silent at curfew time
i then usually get ready for bed then sit and read for a bit before just laying down and trying to sleep
>> No.8838  
I'll see you bedtime boys at the meetup.
Cup o' tea and a book is op, and I just started journaling, but for me my love of sleep does the trick tb­h. Plus I hafta wake up early for stuff.
>> No.8839  
you gonna see me sleepin on that mf couch if ya know what i mean
having a bed-time thankfully hasnt fucked up my ability to stay up late on occasion
Waking Up is Hard to Do
>> No.8840  
protip: obnoxious actual gd alarm clock + obnoxious phone alarm after 5 min + pre-prepared coffee (so you just gotta flip the switch)
Then it's all up to habit
>> No.8841  
I agree with >>8838 that journaling really does help; preferably just the kind of journaling that's like a diary of what you did today so nothing too depthy or thought-intensive

I try not to use my phone too much if I'm getting ready to sleep; just to set my alarm really... I have the computer in my room hooked up to my speakers and so it's also my alarm in the morning. I always play something soft like the Aria OST or some flavor-of-the-week cafe music but I know some people who can sleep through stuff like that
I shower before I go to bed and after I wake up as well; it's more so that I can sit around before bed in that post-shower glory and scribble in my notebook about my day.

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