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452489 No.8822  
Okay fellow Howlie bois I need big help pls
I will be out of town tomorrow, 10/19, but my favorite band is playing at the state fair and is selling limited special merch. I need someone to go to the fair and simply buy one of each shirt picture in a Men's Medium size. I will Venmo/Paypal/cash-in-person you the money for your ticket before you go, and money for the shirts after we meet and I receive them (or you show me a pic that you bought them maybe).

This would be cool if you were planning on going anyway, because /free fair ticket/, but even if you weren't already going, /free fair ticket/.

WILL anyBODY HElp mE??
>> No.8824  
holly shit those are nice
I would buy 100 but I'm not going to the fair
>> No.8826  
>>8824 senpai I will pay you and pay for the ticket if you do it for me pls
>> No.8830  
>>8822 desu I wish I had time to go
school's keeping me busy so I can't go buy one; I'd love to go to the fair just to see them play; vibing to prog and eating a corndog sounds delightful

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