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1748157 No.8780  
Where the hell is a good place to eat lunch in quiet on campus? Talley is too damn loud.
>> No.8784  
When the jesus man isn't yelling, backyard's p ok.
>> No.8790  

I like to eat outside so I tend to chill on the low walk outside park shops PCJ
low wall
idk how quiet it is, but the noise never bothers me
>> No.8791  
You can always be that asshole that brings food into the library computer labs.
>> No.8792  
Out of all the dining halls, Clarke is the quietest.
>> No.8802  
clarke is a personal favorite but desu fountain has really stepped up the game in terms of variety.

but for quiet places: the library is nice. I like the coffee shops or any of the floors in EB[1,2,3] a lot too.
>> No.8808  
Take your food to go lock yourself in your dorm room like I do
>> No.8811  
fuck that; I always plop down at a table when I'm eating anything. I used to either space out or scroll through my phone though I realized that's not really enjoyable. Now I either take a book or draw out an idea on one of those napkins they always have.
I normally do when I'm waiting in line for anything.
not writing while eating; just like after I finish... like how some people whip out their phone and browse r/ncsu or w/e it is kids are into these days.
also getting spaghetti sauce on my idea wouldn't really matter; just writing things down helps me remember it better and get a better sense of things
ya turbo-thots just scroll their // through their phones. desu I think guys do the same thing but it's usu. a twitter feed instead of insta
I don't have any internet profiles anymore so I can't do any of those things. window seats are nice because I can look outside.
ya forgot about dms.

there's this weird seat on some buses here that's perpendicular to the rest of the seats: is that the one you're talking about? I always like that seat because it means you sit directly in front of someone and it's a little weird
>>8812 ~
>> No.8812  
>Not howling while you eat
Why would you write while eating? wouldn't you get spaghetti sauce on your idea?
what do the kids do these days? sometimes I see dudes on the bus reading their calc. assignments on moodles, but then I see chicks just scrolling through a dopamine doping device.
Also I feel you with writing things down. I used to take HYPER detailed and organized notes and then never read them again.
>GUYS do the same thing
Nah senpai I see them sliding into aforementioned thots' dms
I always end up with the seats with the back to the window and, sicne I don't even wanna give thots the satisfaction of being looked at, I spotify & read for class.
Sometimes, but normally the old/disabled seats because fuck em GANG WEEDERS RISE UP
ye i feel you dawg
brgone, f­am, got class.
>> No.8813  
What if you don't have a dorm?
>> No.8814  
You can take your talley food to the upper floors of Talley. It should be quieter there.
>> No.8815  
>reading a book while eating
scary, I always feel like I'm gonna hurt my book and my meals usually take 2 hands
>> No.8867  
If you don't mind a little bit of a picnic court of the carolinas is usually very quiet. Also the 1911 building has tables and never more than 2 or 3 people.

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