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104537 No.8775  
would any anons like to recommend folky love songs for uke/guitar/piano i can learn, thinking of hittin that open mic they emailed us all about
>> No.8776  
All of them I know are either too sad or in Russian
I played this at an open mic night back home
Not really a love song tho.
>> No.8793  
i forgot to mention I’ll also be into those sad jams too my boi
>> No.8794  
Dude please gib recs for sad russian songs
>> No.8796  
I said sad OR russian my dude
Proletarskoe Tango has cute classic love songs.
Actually Birdie by Pelageya is sad af.
>> No.8797  
Take that back, voila >>>/watch?v=ViMPE2R5V10

Also, >>>/watch?v=atvqhOjzZxw
Don't know what you're gonna say, but this is cinematic bliss.
While I wait for you to come back, I'll dump a couple youtube links Oh! my boy's back
Yeah, you right. Slavs had the best avant-garde scene too.
I mainly mean.. hole up lemme search my videos folder for the OG Titles. Listen to this:
Okay, Sedmikrasky (Daisies) is a bad-ass Czech (?) movie. And... Valerie and Her Week of Wonders is.. wait both of these are czech.
Woah! That sounds crazy! I didn't know polish and czech were to any degree mutually intelligible but it makes sense I suppose.
Neato. I really need to study more Russkie, so I can start branching out to other slavic languages.
I've heard that Czech actually has some very misleading false cognates. Someone I know was really disappointed when his Czech prof kept saying something that sounds like плохо but actually means хорошо. So every time he did great, he thought he was doing horribly.
BTW I'm p surprised to know we have Polish students. I thought p much all our int'ls were French or Indian.
>> No.8798  
Thank you so much! I really love the feel of slavic cinematography. I used to think it was a polish-specific feel, but I've found it in other countries movies as well.
>> No.8799  
what do you mean by avant garde scene? This is super intriguing to me- I'm polish, but I'm sadly a bit out of the loop culturally.
Oh, I've heard of Valerie and Her Week of Wonders! Haven't seen it yet, I should have guessed it to be slavic.
Haha czechs are awesome. I worked with a czech falconer a couple years back. He had lots of stories, and it was fun to figure out how much we could understand each other by speaking our respective languages.
Yeah, honestly all slavic languages are similar enough that some words are the same across languages. I didn't realize it initially since Poland doesnt seem to have much to do with the Balkans, but Croatian and Polish have their similarities as well.
hehe, I'm not international technically! My dad is an american citizen, so I live here for now. It's an odd spot to find myself in to be honest, since I don't really fit in anywhere from a cultural perspective (except the polish grocery, Polonez :D )
>> No.8800  
There's hella SE Asia international students, too. There's another dude in one of my classes that might be Germanic?
And a few Spanish international students I've seen
French, Indian, and SE Asian are just the most common and the ones that are more often seen in groups speaking secret tongues
>> No.8801  
That's a cute name.
>> No.8803  
I know right? I love buying kabanosy and sweets from there. The shop owner is really kind and the tea selection is amazing and cheap.

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