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File: 1539394022945.jpg -(491802 B, 1000x752) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
491802 No.8760  
Where are the good food vending machines
Just put something on Centennial campus that isn't the Oval
I don't want to have to drive anywhere to get good food
Even a cup-ramen machine would be okay

Also general campus complaints
>> No.8763  
Why are professors allowed to work 2-3 assignments twice a week, have no usable office hours, and assign no homework but grade purely on tests and get away with it

also I meant “examples” not “assignments”
>> No.8764  
Every day is parents' day! Why are these old losers on campus all the time?

Did Jorge Luis Borges plan out this campus? It's a goddamn labyrinth.
>let's just run this walkway down and around a slope, just to turn right back to a stairway up the same hill
>let's open up a tunnel to the east part of North campus and then block LITERALLY every path toward any usable building with construction zones, walls, and some actual labyrinthine, impassable building
>Look at all these convenient entrances into popularly traveled areas! Better lock up all of them.
or even worse,
>The shit-show that is the ARCHITECTURE DEPT'S BUILDING
Lie you would think they'd be the last people to make a fucking Escher-style useless concrete courtyard.
>> No.8765  
File: 1539450188580.jpg -(68403 B, 467x492) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>old losers on campus
today's open house; not parent's day, though you get the same proportion of people on-campus who don't know what's going on
It's endearing though; I stayed in one of the labs on Centennial and told people about the EE / CPE program we have

shit was cash
>> No.8767  
File: 1539458851479.png -(153048 B, 400x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Ok, but every single weeknd isn't open house, yet at least one day a week is some stupid event for boomers. (when did we start calling x-ers and millennials boomers?).
What is wrong with Rallee's water supply? I can't even make unsweet tea in a triply-cleaned jug without getting mold in it within 3 days. It should take about a full week for that to happen to sweet tea and maybe even 2x as long for unsweet. Seriously wtf?
>> No.8779  
>>8760 I feel your pain OP i just want some decent food options on centennial :(

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