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130630 No.8748  
Anyway, what do howlers do when you're too sad to masturbate?
I want to masturbate becasues I'm lonely, but I'm also too depressed to get it up within the context of being incapable of finding a partner.
>> No.8750  
But in reality, when I don't feel like beating it I'll watch internet TV, read a book, play a game, or hang out with my friends.
Hanging out with friends always does me good when I'm feeling depressed, helps remind me that I'm a Fellow Human and that people like me even if none of those people want to sleep with me (and partially vice versa)
Relationships are hard and kind of weird to get into, I'm not entirely sure whether I want one now or not. But also damn is sexual gratification pleasant.
>only fren
You're making me want to drive back to State just to hang out with a random fellow Howler
I need to finish moving into my apt anyway so like a trip would be arguable "good" (once I finish the work I need to do tonight)
And I just realized I have no MS Office on my home computer so I guess I have to remote in at the least baka
Hellz yeah. If you wanna randomly chill with a weird guy, we could meet up some time in the afternoon for a bit (after 1 and before 4 is my prime time tomorrow)
I could also take you for a suspicious ride to go get things from my house to put in my apt

Phoneposting is a very serious hard and seems harder by the day.
I feel that, work rises up and overwhelms pretty easily. If you don't have anything URGENT (as in due tomorrow) it may be time to call it a night for working, trying to keep going after reaching your limit just leads to frustration
I mean, not every day has to be capital Productive. If your fuel isn't feeding into the engine right and the go-machine won't go, try operating the fun-machine for a bit to decompress the works
Something my brother (now a manager) likes to say is that people mistakenly believe time=effort=output, but while time roughly equals effort, the link between time and output is strenuous at best. Putting in 3 hours of straight studying can be less effective than 30 min on 30 off for 3 hours depending on the person/mood.
Also, schoolwork /could/ be fun if you
>> No.8751  
Howler is my only fren.
Dont. Enjoy your weeknd. I'll try to up aa ssocial link.
Get that free office with your school account.
Hold on a sec.
>> No.8752  
File: 1539306482750.jpg -(99173 B, 745x730) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
phoneposting is hard I had to get laptop
I need to finish work too friendly anon. I stopped doing my hw because I was depressed then I got depressed from lagging behind and now I've passed the point where I can force myself to work out of F E A R.
u right, but all I've done since I got back was make bitchin ass butterbeans and cornbread.
Now I'm fueled up and RET-2-GO
Hrrrm. Or I could pretend that schoolwork is fun.
No I am all about that studying what interests you. The problem is, classes sometimes suck, even if the major is fun.
I'll probs try to do an on-off split. That could work. Hack my own dopamine system.
Since we've been talking a GIRL (female) invited me to dinner
>I understood that reference.mp4
>> No.8753  
loved your major. I love the hell out of my major so I spend some homework times having Fun. I'm a big believer in studying something that you really enjoy because I'm a fuckin geek lmao.
Das true, some classes just blow. Outsmarting yourself is the #1 play, show neurobiology who's boss!
Godspeed! Black Emperor
That's hella dope, my friend
>> No.8768  
date was chill, cuddled an shit. Also spent way too much money because the fair is a scam
>Pay to enter
>they trash your ticket so you can't leave and come back
>all rides/games cost $5+
>All food is 5x market price (I get that it would be pricey, but the BEST deal there was a salisbury-tier burger with literally nothing on it for 5 dollaridos)
>"Guessers" harassing you every five steps
>Firework show starts immediately after the last busses out
>booths in there actually just advertising cell plans and sodas
Like literally why is this a thing? It's like a regular carnival (NOT a 'fair'), except half the quality at 3x the price. What the hell is wrong with Carolinians? How do you tolerate this?
>> No.8770  
I think that's most every state fair desu
only worth it to go with other people
>> No.8807  
heyo, sauce?
>> No.8810  
Danberu nan kiro moteru
It's a cute slice-of-life manga about girls who exercise. There's some great info in there about exercises, stretching, diet, &c.
And obviously plenty of fan-service.
>> No.8888  
Arigato domo
>> No.8890  
Sorry, I don't speak italian
>> No.8891  
>> No.8896  
>>8891 (´・ω・`)
>> No.8897  
File: 1540519828924.png -(57331 B, 1368x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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