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File: 1539284140487.jpg -(222922 B, 614x859) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
222922 No.8743  
It's that time of year again! When all us absolute geeks dress up like our favorite (or most resembled) characters from our common cultural background of dragon ball z, video games, and internet culture!
In accordance with the season and the complete lack of appreciation most non-Howlers have for DBZ , internet, and vidya costumes (read:cosplay)I propose we have our own costume party !
Let's make merry and get not!wasted together and enjoy our beautiful "community"! I may be able to talk my flatmates into not hating a party at my place, or if there's anyone else who wants to host, that's cool, too!
>> No.8745  
Sounds lit. Will there be Government-Issued Big Tiddy Goth GFs (tm)?
>> No.8746  
Sadly no, it'll be BYOBTGGF
I'm not government man, I don't have the authority to issue anything
We can only hope for such a generous god. Or one can seize the means of production! Rise up and generate your own female contact!
Hot damn that's a spicy one. Your deific status is showing, anon.
Yeah, 100% irony. Very seriously hope that fellow humans can act like fellow humans even when humans of varying genitalia are present.

If any anon brings a date, expect no text back etc unless you're already dating. Howlerween sounds like the worst place to go for a first date that I can think of.

Or jump into the deep end, starting shallow is for suckers that don't know how to swim!
Steal it so hard. And if you don't post a KlK Halloween pic I'll be more disappointed than I have a right to be.
Not of you, senpai, like the OP image where it's just some shit that some real artist made. I found mine on google and downloaded it to a university computer like a complete fucking animal.
>> No.8747  
Maybe Cassanov-Anon can spare some of his harem to us lowly plebs.
Don't you mean the memes of re-production?
Also lowly femanon, if you're there, we are being ironic ofc.
We're all in college... and not in certain notorious frats.
>that line
I'm stealing that.
Bich I ain't gonna be klk. But I will dress up. Everyone must cosplay considering it's the ONE DAY of the year when it's socially acceptable. Ahhhh~ don't have pics on this here COMP
>> No.8754  
File: 1539312382512.png -(197009 B, 1000x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I will meet you on the condition that you make an event poster. here is an example. remember: if you post it, they will come.
>> No.8755  
File: 1539320632017.gif -(800742 B, 500x538) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.8756  
File: 1539320760845.jpg -(228718 B, 724x1023) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Sure; soounds like fun.
>make merry and get not!wasted together
I'm still processing what this means.
>> No.8757  
File: 1539321378651.jpg -(3041943 B, 2100x1400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I fucked up
>Halloween Sayaka
marry me senpai
>> No.8759  
I'll do it just for you
Gotta make sure it's 100 with my flatmates before I go slammin my address on it, tho
>> No.8781  
File: 1539650037615.jpg -(34351 B, 276x276) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
When is this meet-up again? I know it's the howlerween meet but is it going to be on Halloween? That's a Wednesday; not sure that I can [spoiler]drink[/spoiler] much on a Wednesday...
>> No.8782  
someone saved the poster I made
>> No.8783  
my harem is fleeting
also for halloween I'm dressing with my friend as Tegan and Sara, so technically crossdressing
but they're both boyish lesbians so I'm just wearing black skinny jeans and a black jacket to mimick their look in the music video "The Con"
>> No.8785  
File: 1539658474444.png -(79040 B, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I was thinking the Saturday before, Wednesday parties are nice if they're impromptu but planning on Wednesday seems like kind of a no-no. I got hella class Thurs, too, so I feel the anti-W
>when you wanna change something and don't remember the font you used

I did the thing! If anyone hates it, feel free to hurt my feelings, it won't be their first
>> No.8786  
File: 1539658964550.gif -(1406723 B, 323x241) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>8785 well you can count me in. t. nukeanon
>> No.8787  
tfw such short notice for BYOBTGGF
>> No.8789  
I didn't know these people existed, but does this confirm that people are born gay?
Big McThankies from McSpanky's
>> No.8804  
it's been confirmed for a while I think, that there is some genetic link for homosexuality
>> No.8806  
File: 1539743514796.png -(323477 B, 800x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.8809  
I remember on the Colbert Report, one of the guests was discussing different conditions in the womb as potentially causing certain physical characteristics and homosexuality. Notably IIRC left-handedness which occurs at a far higher rate in homosexual men. The main issue that they discussed was the fact that certain groups consider sexuality an "identity" and that they lobby against science which could eliminate that identity; e.g. if scientists discovered a biological cause of Gender Dysphoria, they could treat it medically, thus eliminating trans identity (and a lot of existential suffering, too, but that's unimportant to the LGBT community or their official 'representatives').
>> No.8816  
File: 1539832201738.jpg -(16500 B, 525x57) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
is the anon who had homemade mead going to this gathering? i have made some homemade cider (but havent tried it yet)
>> No.8834  
I wish I were mead anon, but I'll do my best to at least bring some delicious food.
>> No.8843  
Ive been kinda lurking. show up or nah?
>> No.8844  
Is it really a meetup without a good lurker?
I figure anyone who sees the post is invited, basically
>> No.8847  
Does anyone need rides? It's not on the Wolfline (Avent Foof Lion is as close as it goes)
>Foof Lion
I like it.
>> No.8848  
you can come lurk irl

I still have to go out and shop for some clothes to compose my costume; too bad I'm not really free until Thurs. evening :\
>> No.8854  
File: 1540342229321.jpg -(71181 B, 640x791) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>8847 the #11L raleigh bus goes to dana. GL getting a ride back tho.....
>> No.8856  
And to take that you gotta get a SUPER CHEAP BUS PASS $5 WHOLE YEAR JFC
If you haven't already gotten a bus pass and don't have a car/want to not have to drive, you really have no excuse
That shit costs an arm and a leg for non-students
excellent taste btw
>> No.8860  
>this saturday about 9PM
any more specifics or is this what we're sticking with?
>> No.8861  
ye. btw I invited two non-howlerettes. they like j-pop and dragon ball z tho, so it should be fine right?
I'll only have 1 or 2 beers so, by the time you're ready to go, I'll be good to drive anyone back.
>> No.8863  
File: 1540412356830.gif -(97777 B, 208x296) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.8864  
Ye if you wanna bring a friend or two it's super chill.
esp if it makes you feel less weird about going to a stranger's apt
Sticking with that, you can show up earlier or w/e. it's very lackadaisical in terms of planning
I might be able to find some low-effort Hween deco, ow the ween just has to be in your heart
>> No.8865  
File: 1540413369119.gif -(133049 B, 561x607) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
we gon turn up down n aroun
howlers b wild n wilin 24/7
>> No.8913  
File: 1540649092959.png -(689884 B, 642x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
(・∀・) It's today!
>> No.8915  
damn i really want to go but i dont have a ride :/ is anyone doing carpooling there and back? i can pay for gas if needed. message me on discord @ persephone#0241 if you can help out. also pic related, its me in my costume :^)
>> No.8916  
File: 1540656507070.jpg -(413087 B, 720x1163) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.8928  
File: 1540671171109.jpg -(173607 B, 1043x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I picked up all the supplies we need to not!drink
>> No.8929  
Friend request pending. I shall be the giver of rides. Anyone else need a lift?
LIAR I have beverages as well.
>> No.8930  
File: 1540709261540.png -(130394 B, 400x558) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Wow, I had no idea that one single party could be so much fun...
I had // I enjoyed tonight a lot!
>> No.8931  
japanon here, was fun!
Im a lot less drunk now, sorry for asking snake-tan about why mgs2 is postmodern and then slowly fading out of consciousness only to realize during the middle that yes, you were delivering an epic thesis on how mgs2 is indeed postmodern.
I remember you asking about a recipe for oyakodon, I will deliver a detailed explanation once I get some sleep.
>> No.8932  
RALph here, I had a great time! Thank you very much to our guests and to everyone there!
Drink water tonight
>> No.8933  
Our Hosts I meant. Still buzzed.
>> No.8934  
There's some kinda sauce didn't wanna hafta make. Can I buy it/substitute it with msg?
>> No.8935  
Wow! I woke up with absolutely no hangover. I guess staying hydrated and eating some eggs really helps. I hope admin and drunker-than-me anon are alright... I feel bad for pouring you another shot of coconut rum.

Anyways, here's an explanation of oyako-don, and don-mono in general.
Don (丼) means bowl, mono (物) means things -> don-mono = Bowls of rice with a topping
Btw, I will write down the kanji if anyone wants to use google w/ google translate to search for recipes.
oyako-don (親子丼) means parent&child bowl -> chicken and eggs (in some places like Hokkaido, you will often find oyako-don made with salmon flakes and salmon roe)
The basic ingredients for oyako-don are soy sauce (koikuchi, which is made from a blend of soybean and wheat), sake, mirin, dashi broth, chicken, egg, onions/green onions, and mitsuba.
It's hard to find mitsuba in the US, so I would reccomend using a few sprigs of parsley as a garnish instead. (I forgot to add ginger and sugar to the line above)
If you're going for caramelized onions, start off by sauteing the sliced onions in a frying pan for about 10-15 min or until mostly caramelized. Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces and rinse the pieces lightly in a small amount of sake to get rid of the chicken juice/slime. To make the sauce, combine one part sake with one part mirin and bring to a boil to get rid of most of the alcohol (you can use a lighter if you aren't afraid of your smoke alarm going off). Add in one part soy sauce (I tend to add slightly less soy sauce, it's harder to make something less salty than more salty) and then add in sliced onions if you haven't caramelized them already (if you caramelized, you should have kept them in the pan when adding sake and mirin) or the white part of green onions if you're going with green onions. After you've cooked the vegetables about halfway, add in the chicken pieces to the frying pan at medium/medium high heat. Once the chicken has been cooked on the surface, add 2~3 parts
>> No.8936  
dashi broth, and then add in sugar and grated ginger to taste. Add in the green part of the green onions at this point, and crack some eggs into a bowl. To get the eggs right, you should pop the yolks and stir as lightly as possible, so that the yolk and egg white are still separated. Add in about half of the egg yolks into the pan evenly, trying to get the egg whites in first. (I meant egg for the previous sentence, not egg yolks). Once the first half of the eggs are mostly cooked, add in the rest of the eggs. Scoop onto a bowl of rice and garnish with parsley or green onions.

For the rice, you should use koshihikari. Actually, you should probably use koshihikari for most japanese cooking. You can get a huge bag of koshihikari at hmart or grand asia for $25 or less.
For the dashi, there's three ways of making it. You can use kombu and bonito flakes, but this requires about 10 min or more of prep depending on the type of kombu. There's packs of shredded kombu mixed with bonito flakes that you can add to simmering water, but I haven't seen any in the US. The third option is to use a dried powder called hondashi, which is kinda like powdered bouillon.
You shouldn't try to substitute dashi with msg. Dashi contains inosinic acid and glutamic acid, whereas msg only has glutamic acid. This is kind of like trying to make a blt sandwich without the bacon.

boil sake and mirin in a 1:1 ratio, add in 1 part soy sauce, onions, chicken pieces, and then 3 parts water mixed with hondashi
add sugar and ginger to taste
don't cheap out and use short-grain sticky rice
mix eggs in at the end, add in most of the egg whites first so you don't get raw egg whites
>> No.8938  
Hosted boy phone posting from bed with a headache. This is why you drink things besides alcohol, my friends
>> No.8942  
Hot diggity-damn, thank you for the detailed explanation! Can I get hondashi at grand asia as well? And when you say $25 for RICE how much are we talking? I can get reggae brown rice for $Zero per 2lbs.
>Oyakodon means parent-child bowl
That explains the name of the hentai genre I guess.
And one more thing: I'm not big into sweet+savory, and with my ghetto broyakudon, the caramelized onions made it plenty sweet enough for me.
>> No.8943  
Will there also be a christmas party? :^)
>> No.8945  
I'd be down to host again for a Christmas party, it was a lot of fun. If anyone else wants to host, they're welcome to as well
When eggnog season hits ima be straight chillin comatose with an empty carton in my hand most of the time
>> No.8948  
If so, can it be like last day of exams?
>> No.8952  
If so, can it be a week before exams?
>> No.8954  
Since it can't be both [spoiler]read: I'm not sure I want to host 2 back-to-back[/spoiler] we can throw up a strawpoll or sth closer to the actual time
We can also assess the interest in the idea of a Howler Secret Santa. Another campus group I'm affiliated with likes to do a Free Secret Santa where the only rule is no spending money to acquire the gift thing
It's pretty fun and ends up with a lot of weird things coming out that people didn't!steal or that they just had lying around the house.
>> No.8956  
>>8954 this sounds pretty neat, also nice party but not everyone wanted to socialize :/
>> No.8957  
yeah, being surrounded by strangers can be kind of intimidating, but maybe for the next party we'll feel less like strangers and more like friends :)
>> No.8958  
definitely interested in a howler secret santa, doubly so if it's a free secret santa

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