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7337 No.8652  
ITT rate your fellow howlers' courseloads
I'm [spoiler]not[/spoiler] smart and am taking two maths and two physics
>> No.8658  
Ara ara~ are you a masochist who loves his GPA getting so rudely violated?
>> No.8660  
ya that sounds awful; I guess those are your only courses; 4 credit hours each would make a full-time undergrad schedule. gl!
All the courses I'm takibg are directly related to my field and they're v. fun.
>> No.8662  
Ya like math?/10
>> No.8675  
I’m not even enjoying myself
kinda don’t wanna live anymore
>> No.8676  
are these major-requisite courses?
I've always had to tell myself to just power through a course if I don't like it; it's really hard to get engaged and interested if the material just isn't what I like.
>> No.8677  
File: 1538865894074.png -(184437 B, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>8676 it's all necessary for my major. I have no room for humanities anymore. I may declare a minor soon to diversify future semesters

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