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File: 1538454443472.jpg -(66540 B, 444x441) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
66540 No.8565  
so we're allowed to do lewds if we spoiler on >>>/swt/?
anyone got any r34 of ms. wuf
asking for a fellow howler
>> No.8568  
>r34 of MRS. Wuf
>> No.8571  
yu should lurk moar
>> No.8572  
yes but realy lewds go to >>>/yu/
>> No.8576  
:^) what kind of secret board is this and why haven't i found it before and are there more
>> No.8581  
Lurk the archive, my dude.
>> No.8618  
>lurk the archive
Is there literally anything else to do with the archive? Is it possible to do things that aren't lurk in regards to the archive?
>> No.8631  
No but, to write a sentence, one needs a verb. Thus, lurk the archive.
You could also, check the archive, read the posts in the archive, look at the archive, click on various things in the archive, surf the archive, back-up the archive, archive the archive in another archive so that the archive is archived...
>> No.8640  
File: 1538657053926.png -(310635 B, 617x502) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

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