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25074 No.8555  
How do you go about identifying your fellow travelers?
I can identify anyone I've met at a Howler meetup, but otherwise my fellow travelers are indistinguishable from the normal crowd...
>> No.8557  
>fellow travelers
hmm, not quite sure what you mean. I'm lost in thought while I'm walking here and there around campus (either thinking hard or trying not to think hard) but sometimes I'll see friends or friends will see me. Sometimes we get lunch or whatever if we both happen to be free.
I don't know what weight it carries but my only distinguishing feature is that I wear high-tops and frown a lot. That's probably pretty normal for anyone on the engineering campus anyway
>reminds me of the end of Interstellar
The unifying force on the engineering campus is the same as is explained at the end of that movie: it's LOVE [spoiler]and fear[/spoiler] :P
It's a really nice place though; I have card access to a handful of buildings so I can do work in a dedicated space as opposed to working in my flat or a c0ffee shop or something.
>of exams?
that, in conjunction w/ design projects and reports
when there's a project or something due everyone flocks to the lab. It's a fellow feeling of sadness because nobody _really_ wants to be working on something when everyone's here. But it does make for fast work since everyone is doing the same thing practically.
>Solid Works
I don't use it; if there's any Solid Works work I just off-load it onto someone who knows how that works. I can only use circuit simulation tools and other utilities which only have workplace application; I'm a one-trick pony with no show.
It's one of the electrical engineering labs in EB2; I am not a grad student, just a lowly but relative high-functioning XX year EE undergrad so I don't get my own office.
I didn't mean to make it sound like I've been here for XX years where XX is ten or more years. It's only been 4 but XX sounds cooler. "XXX year" sounds the coolest but I can't use that one.
>same as 8th graders
that's an enlightening perspective
yeah; the analogy still holds overall. sometimes we get a little complacent too :3
>> No.8558  
We're probs a pretty diverse group. That being said, if you see someone who looks TOO NORMAL, it's me. Accost that person, spread your feet 1.5x shoulder width apart and yell AWOO~
>engineering campus
I just went to centennial for the first time today. Y'all's campus reminds me of the end of Interstellar where everything is a pristine utopia. Except with more asians.
Of exams?
Oh and having a level 2+ card key is p sweet. I do the same thing anon. While all the 19yr olds are living life to the fullest and getting laid on Saturday night, I'm procrastinating in my office. Feelsmediocreman
>design projects
Y'all don't use solid works I hope.
>> No.8559  
Hah, when other people are in my shared office, we hardly get anything done unless Cracking fucked up jokes counts as labor.
What kind of lab?
Oh. Well I'd rather be really good at one thing than EVER use solid works. We used it in my high school shop class.
Ah no I just didn't know about other access levels.
>4 years
5th year seniors have the same attitude as 8th graders. They know where everything is, and they give no fucks.
I don't mean in a bad way
It's like a cycle. At your 5th year, you already treat p much anyone taking gen eds like sweet little children
Or at least I did.
>> No.8561  
I actually said that to people before I found this place
>> No.8582  
You'd better not be that weeabro in the washed out kill la kill shirt (that must be homemade cause it's mako and famillia)
>> No.8585  
Yo that sounds kick-ass
>> No.8586  
I wish I was that cool, alas I don't even own one (1) dragon ball z shirt

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