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File: 1537883316933.png -(1131888 B, 640x1136) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1131888 No.8489  
>> No.8490  
You don
You don't.
>> No.8491  
>>8490 can I at least get some advice while I’m here
>> No.8492  
As in how to survive dealing with romance as the pic suggests or how to survive life in general?
For the former I guess the big thing is being okay alone and for the latter it's just doing your best and having a good support network
Re:Romance It's hardest to find someone when you capital NEED someone, confidence/comfort with oneself is p hot desu, don't make it the focus of your life and just acknowledge it as a (good) potential thing. Independence is cool, caring is cool, you can be your best you and still strike out just bc the other person doesn't think you're right. The type of person you're looking for won't necessarily be looking for the kind of person you are, so you've got to find the 2-way match.
Hope that helps, I haven't been incel for a few years (still been single for almost a yr tho) so hopefully my advice isn't super shit and colored by my experiences to a point where it's not useful anymore
>> No.8493  
File: 1537914315225.jpg -(61961 B, 600x544) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I live my life following what I've come to regard as: _the_ _big_ _triangle_
that's: money, women, power, respect
it's a four-sided triangle but w/e

but in all seriousness just ignore thots
It's **big**
>> No.8494  
fuckin closed it
The 4th side is what makes it so _big_, right?
>> No.8495  
not to make too much of a /blog/, but uhh, I'm far from an incel myself, and this man has genuinely lit af advice.
Having a support network (especially if you know some non-traditional students who have seen and learned SOME SHIT) will save your skin one day.
And yeah, it sucks but unless you're literal Chad McThundercock and have both the intelligence and swagger of a 17 yr old football champ, getting the ladies will be hard.

Well not hard, per se. To be more specific, like this guy says, when you NEED someone, you can p much forget about actually finding anyone but maybe an internal representation of dread whom you personify in your dreams. BUT when you are totally secure with yourself, and genuinely feel happy being alone, some cute girl/boy (I don't know your life anon) will come along and RUIN IT but you'll like it anyway.
>> No.8513  
File: 1538194334670.png -(357430 B, 590x523) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
op here
that meme was made by a friend of mine for me bc im crushing hard on a girl in my hometown, so i appreciate your advice
my original post was supposed to include "where can i find a microwave for food from home on campus" but i posted early by accident
>> No.8515  
dont crush on a girl, its a waste of time and energy
>> No.8516  
Well, grad student lounges tend to have microwaves
There's also one in the ground floor of Peele
If you have friends who live on campus, most res halls have a kitchen that is open to all residents which includes a microwave. That's also a great excuse to meet up with friends for lunch.
I think that's pretty much it, though, there's really not very many
>> No.8517  
You're forgetting
>Talley (by the OneWorld or w/e it's called)
>D H Hill's ground floor coffee shop/café
>If TA, your dept's break room
Gotcha. Personally, I almost exclusively eat meals I prepare and put in tupperware, since I'm poor boy
Grad school is suffering.
Oh, sorry
Ah, I see. I however take the bus and hit the gym, so since I'm hangry 98% of the time and often away from our dept's break room, I gotta search.
Thanks brother. BTW kawaii ass Goat. WAIT DON'T LEAF
Fellow grad student, where do fellow boomer TAs comiserate and cry into draft PBRs??
I know about Mitch's, but I kinda hate going to bars alone (other than Boxcar, since it has vidya), and I'm not super close with the rest of the TAs. The first year's all either have a life unrelated to grad school or can't get their work done reasonably fast, and the second years have their own tightly-nit group I never see.
... I'm grading and howlan atm as well.
>Presentation on the monty hall problem
kek that mos def 'splains all the GOATs. But good people use shitty grafix all the time, anon.
Sounds cool! Just lemme know where and when.
What dept are you in, mine is a small humanities department, so all the grad students are TAs, and the only people I meet other than that are in "piggy-back" 400/500 level classes.
Yeah, sure, Wednesday's are great. 3 exams?? Damn stats sounds hard. Over here, they just make us write papers and what-have-you. Honestly, my senior year in undergrad was at least twice as hard as this. Then again, I haven't started my culminating project.
Over here, we literally don't even give out PhDs, but personally, I doubt I'm cut out to write a whole-ass dissertation, so props to you, I guess.
and I believe most people are under the impression that you should never pay for a grad degree, so it makes sense that the PhD students are all TAs.
>> No.8518  
File: 1538255852626.jpg -(89372 B, 543x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Good additions! I didn't realize those were there. I've never had a cause to hunt the elusive waves, so I'm not as well versed in their hiding places
[spoiler]it's One Earth[/spoiler]
I do too now, but I've got that good grad lounge to always hit up. It never leaves me wanting so I do not cast afield.
I feel that. Brave journeys, my friend.
>> No.8519  
File: 1538257726262.gif -(508131 B, 1439x899) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I return! A number of people like to go to Mitch's after our department's seminars
I also went to the beer garden downtown last Friday (?) with some people, so probably a combo of that, Mitch's, and hanging at people's houses?
I haven't heard much about hanging at domiciles, I'm just assuming because it's the most convenient/cheap thing to do
I also may or may not be grading rn and Howling on the clock, so don't tell anyone!
Also the number of goat-related photos I have is really normal, I swear. I did an article on the Monty Hall Problem for a writing class and ofc had graphics
But shitty ones cuz I'm a shitty person

Yeah, it's rough. I don't know many people through TAing, mostly just through the department regularly. If you want, we can grab a drink sometime , I like friendship and vague boozing
I'm over in statistics, it's a fun one. I'm also a master's student and young whatnot. Most people are TAing in my dept, I think. It seems like a popular funding method for grad students.
Mostly the TAs are PhD people, though, I think master's students TAing is uncommon because most haven't already taken whatever classes b/c it's a 1-yr program.
If you wanna get lunch (/just eat it bc packing lunch life) and grab a beer or two Wednesday, I'd be super down. I've got 3 exams in this coming week so I should probably be studying for those until they happen (or is that too much studying? It's always hard to tell)

I like tests better than papers, I think. Much less time commitment for me, which is slick. A fun paper is a good thing, though. Dissertations seem scary af, I really don't know how people do it, they must ease into it really hard. I'm hoping to PhD someday, so hopefully I'll learn how to dissertation okay and not just trip and fail at the last moment. I agree with not paying for grad degrees wherever possible, most masters over here are paying, though, only the PhD's are all offered full funding.
Yeah, that's the hope. I'm not sure Character limit?
>> No.8520  
Me again. You just gotta believe, my dude! You'll find a nice esoteric research topic to settle down with and get your degree.
I don't know how math research is though. In my department, most people do obscure intellectually masturbatory stuff, but we have the option to do pedagogical studies for our 'thesis,' so that's good. As for regular old papers, you're right they take a bit of a time commitment, but they're all complete BS, which I like. I don't respect it, but I like it.
Well, if anyone in my dept howls they'll know exactly who I am now: I'm in Foreign Languages
We have similar stuff at the levels we TA for, where we have short answers and multiple choice, but the past exam IS taking me a while because of all the written word. Then again, it's my own damn fault for putting it on the test :/
oh, and hw's great because it's all automatically graded. We only assign the automatic stuff for that very reason. Can you imagine checking not only content, but verb conjugation and orthography for 100+ students every class period? They get weekly written assignments in some classes, but those are smaller classes as well.
That's actually really cool, anon. I wish more people would at least minor in FL because it's hella impressive on a resume, plus it's fun and a good skill to have in general.
Oh, lemme guess, this was 202 or a 300/400 level class, right?
Yeah, so, humanities in general are very female-dominated (in the student base, the instructors are pretty evenly mixed, if a little more female), so after you got to the point where there weren
't any more taking it as a gen ed, then you get all-female classes. Some languages are worse than others for that too. (Lotta army dudes in Russian, 99% females in French)
I'm glad to hear that about your profs, too. At my undergrad it was like this too. It might have something to do with the fact that interaction and self-expression are fundamental in language classes.
STEM Sperglords? Well tb­h they have a point-----
>> No.8521  
File: 1538262275954.gif -(351649 B, 800x1121) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm not sure what kind of things people do dissertations on in math/stat either desu. That's another thing to figure out.
TAing in the humanities sounds like it would blow, though. Grading that much written word sounds like a lot, I have the benefit of just spot checking numbers but idk if there's an equivalent in humanities HWs.
Foreign Languages seems like a cool dept. In undergrad I was a Spanish minor (a big deal, I'm sure) and I had a lot of fun in the FLS department. Writing tests is a pretty big responsibility, but I guess you've learned something now. Auto-graded hw sounds amazing and yes, trying to catch every error in every student's homeworks would be hell, especially since I'm assuming relatively low-level classes and thus a multitude of errors.
In undergrad I was once in a Spanish class which was mono-gender with me as the only exception. It was somewhat confusing b/c I don't think of language as a gendered thing, but could just be chance that it came out that way
The FLS profs are super nice, too, whenever I see them they always greet me like an old friend. Esp. Sotillo, I love that man.
(Profs I've had, that is. Not rando profs)
Yeah, it was 300-level. I guess there's a different tendency to stick with it?
That's interesting. I absolutely agree more people should do it, it's a valuable skill for the job market (the worst reason) and enables interaction across language boundaries along with the ability to travel comfortably outside the Anglosphere (the best reasons). Yeah, they were very personal classes. Always talking to each other/prof and Sotillo was a literature professor so there was a lot of expression there, too. I think people tend to undervalue the humanities because of the eternal crying of STEMlords about nojobs and 2easy. STEMlords are the bane of interdisciplinary research and doing things that make you happy.
>tfw realized I'm basically avatar-posting with goats
I feel like a lunatic

Yeah, I never feel confident enough
>> No.8522  
Hugh Manitees are 2easy. They call 'em BAs but I think they should be lumped in with BSs because the humanities literally teach you how to BS. You're right people undervalue them but there's a reasoning behind it: in STEM, you know about what you're gonna do when you leave, in Humanities you can do p much anything, as long as you can sell yourself. A lot of people neglect that bit and perpetuate the stereotype.
Ah, and it IS so nice to be the American who can speak the language. Surprises the heck out of the locals, since the stereotype about Americans is that we don't care about any place but MERICA. I haven't met Sotillo yet, but now I want to.
>not DBZ
I am 0% upset.
I tried to post a picture but I'm in the office and only have gifs I use for Powerpoints
no thanks senpai, all my class gifs are lame (I do throw in anim­e gifs every so often, but I think all my students might be normal people)
>cross sections of mouths making the sounds
uhh, no. Memes, tv gifs, &c. for associating words with things.
Confidence? They won't judge you anon, they'll be super pleased that you tried your best! I guess it's too late to do a summer abroad, but once you get that salaried job, you should totally check out spanish speaking countries. Only the plane ticket is expensive.
>They're going to buy you like the stock option
That's a great analogy.

Phonetics is hard. Well, maybe not as much is spanish as others...
Not as dumb as what I did. I got back together with my ex days before I went abroad. and. you know.
Vacation time is the dream.
>Gotta be bold and brave
Esp if you want to meat a Columbian QT.
I know that feel bro. Why are accents so sexy?
I gotta go actually get my work done, brother/ What time and where do you wanna meet for lunch
Sounds cool. See you there. ONE MORE THING Slavic accents tho.
ciao compadre.
>> No.8523  
File: 1538262784675.gif -(3875099 B, 429x352) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
we can just make this a gif thread if you want
>> No.8524  
File: 1538263042244.jpg -(434148 B, 750x575) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Never feel confident enough to engage in native language, I always feel like they're gonna look at me weird. I hope to travel more in the future and get to spend more time in the Spanish-speaking world
Selling yourself is huge, that's how you get better salaries, better jobs, promotions, etc. If you can't sell yourself, they're going to buy you like you're just the stock option
Are they the fun cross-sections of mouths making the movements associated with making the sounds right?
I keep posting .gifs, but they were never meant to move. So I guess we're half-way there?

I mean, that's reasonable. Not everyone teaches the phonetics class.
>super pleased
I'll give it a go, then! Gotta be bold and brave if I want that good language development and positive human interaction.
I really wish I had studied abroad, but I had a (now ex-) gf that I didn't want to leave behind. Classic dumbass young-person move.
Yeah, Latin America is really cheap to be in and plane tickets only really go so high. Gotta get not just a nicely paying position, but also one that allows meaningful amounts of time off. Especially paid time off, that shit is like candy for adults (or amphetamines if you wanna go more addict-y)
>Colombian QT
Ooh yes, very much so. I've got a thing for wavy hair and girls who speak Spanish, so combining those is basically trying to give me a heart-attack.
They're so good. I guess it's a 'mystique' kind of thing, but some accents just sound so sweet to the ear (assuming that they're paired with a non-grating voice).
Good luck, FLAnon, catch you Wednesday at the wors
My W test ends at 1:00, wanna meet 1:20? At Mitch's. Well, I guess if we're packing, maybe meet somewhere else.
I feel like restaurants dislike you bringing your own food. Caldwell lounge at 1:20 then? Then beers after.
Them Slavics are nice, that's good taste
Adios, amigo
>> No.8525  
File: 1538263054257.gif -(949524 B, 250x188) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.8526  
File: 1538263938228.gif -(1708190 B, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.8527  
File: 1538264769180.gif -(1038773 B, 220x153) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.8528  
File: 1538265552741.gif -(992237 B, 300x169) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.8530  
File: 1538278004646.gif -(2009412 B, 380x198) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>8528 any1 got tips on how to not want to die
>> No.8531  
Honestly I wish. I go through phases of life-affirmation, but it's been a while since the last one.
>> No.8532  
File: 1538280231131.png -(19745 B, 932x501) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I go for figuring out what I'm missing and how I can change it. I didn't realize how much socializing I require so I was living as a sad pseudo-introvert.
If you want more time with people, get more. If you want less time with people, get less. There's a lot more to it than just balancing social interaction, obviously, but that was something that helped me.

I guess I just suggest figuring out what things make you happy and prioritizing that. It sounds really trivial, but it's harder than people give it credit for.

Good luck!
>> No.8537  
File: 1538322292192.webm -(4075955 B, 720x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>tfw cruising hillsborough after a late-night study sesh
>> No.8538  
File: 1538322428657.gif -(975952 B, 500x375) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.8539  
File: 1538335021612.gif -(358662 B, 350x217) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.8543  
File: 1538335661147.gif -(635648 B, 440x247) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'd ride with you
>> No.8619  
Looking forward to seeing you my dude
>> No.8620  
Y-you too!
I've got on a dark blue t shirt and gray shorts. I'll be in Caldwell by 1:20, though I'll probably have lunched before then. The test I thought I had wasn't real and then my prof canceled class and I have no leftovers so I'm eating at home. I don't mind sitting with you while you eat, though, so if you can't/don't eat beforehand it's no skin off my nose.
>> No.8624  
I'm in position. I forgot Caldwell was actually somewhere people just sit and study or w/e so there's a lot of people. My shirt is actually not tee but short-sleeved button with red and white things that I can't think of the name for on it.
Backpack grey, hair crazy.
>> No.8625  
Ground floor or academic services? I've never been here before.
>> No.8626  
Not ground floor. Big ass windows, CHASS academic support center space. When you come in from the south side it's as soon as you enter from the big, fun, external stairs.
You bet it is, is that you on my left?
>> No.8627  
Is that you in the corner? You said crazy hair so I
>> No.8629  
File: 1538597714536.jpg -(858523 B, 3264x2448) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
+1 recommend for FLAnon, an cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything.

Random meetups are super chill
>> No.8630  
Can confirm. Was chill. Great to finally meet some frens. Well, I started going to small events too. So many friends in so little time!
You are also cool bro. Enjoy your fall break anon.

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