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ITT we discuss coffee and tea brewing
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CS major here, a large french press full of coffee or tea really helps when you've procrastinated on a project for too long and it's due tomorrow.
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Anyways, what's /swt/'s favorite tea?
Drinking a thermos full of ceylon atm.

Personal ranking:
Hot teas:
1. Ceylon
2. Pu'er
3. Genmaicha
Cold teas:
1. Barley tea
2. Matcha
3. The 80 cent per box fruit teas in Germany (probably a solid 3 or 4 in the hot tea category)
>> No.8470  
Well, Kurisutina, I for one am a pleb who actually enjoys Folger's Black Silk, provided it's brewed properly (Tbs to 6 oz cup)
As for teas,
1. Oolong
2. Also oolong
3. Prince of Wales w/milk and sugar
4. Jasmine
Other than iced chai which is pure bliss, I really like making sweet tea with
4 bags lusianne green tea
1 bag chamomile (steeped x2)
1 cup sugar
(optional) splash of apple juice
Best gallon of sweet tea possible. Subbing in Earl Grey for 1/4 of the black tea in a brew is also p good.
>> No.8471  
I mean... making regular old Sweet Tea, but replacing part with earl grey, not ruining my not-so-secret above recipe.
>> No.8472  
BTW, where do you buy your teas? Where I'm from, I could only get loose leaf online (with ridiculous S&H) and from Asian markets.
Lemme guess? Grand Asia? I need something cheap...
>> No.8473  
Not OP but I order my teas on-line.
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File: 1537666573280.jpg -(148687 B, 899x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
[spoiler]i like tea too
>> No.8477  
the sound of me slurpin down a nice Americano
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File: 1537671684674.jpg -(189813 B, 1280x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I usually buy tea in bulk when traveling to Europe or Asia. Teavana and yuppiemarkets (Fresh market, whole foods etc) have horrible prices for teas.
That being said, I would recommend picking up something at Grand Asia, Hmart, or Toyo shokuhin. They have ok quality teas at ok prices. If you're looking for a good cold tea, get the buckwheat tea (mugi cha or 麦茶) at Toyo shokuhin. The thing has like 50 packs for brewing 1-2L at $4-5. You can cold brew it too. If you like hot teas, I would recommend genmaicha (if you like something that's filling and has a rice flavor, you can find it at toyo shokuhin definitely, I think Hmart and Grand asia have them in stock too). Another tea that I recommend hot is pu'er, the cheap stuff ~$5 at Grand Asia is ok, but I'd order something nicer online if you can esp. since you can steep high quality aged pu'er multiple times. If you're into fruit/sugary stuff, yuja tea is also an option (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuja_tea), Hmart definitely has it in stock, I haven't seen it at Grand Asia yet but Grand Asia does have a lot of marmalade based teas in stock.

I want to check out the arabic grocery stores near campus to see what teas they have, I have a 1kg bag of ceylon from Turkey that's pretty good.

All said, if you want tea cheap, go for the barley tea (accidentally said buckwheat tea earlier, couldn't fix the typo). It's a pretty non-offensive tasting tea that's refreshing and inexpensive. You don't even have to boil water, you can just take a pitcher filled with water and stick a teabag in it for a few hours.
>> No.8479  
Damn, I wish I had the dosh to made traveling to Europe/Asia a 'usual' occurrence. The two times I have been abroad, I made the university and uncle Sam cover it.

I'll spend more time at grabs Asia then. I bought the 100ct box of Oolong, but it's just not as good as the loose-leaf I've bought online. I know they probably have loose-leaf but last time I bought any from an Asian Market it was criminally stale.

Arabic grocery might be worth checking out, thanks for the tip. I've never had a GOOD Ceylon before--only the bagged stuff. I'll give it a shot.
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File: 1537725107602.jpg -(275044 B, 2400x1800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
anyone want to do a self-hosted tea tasting? i am tea master.
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File: 1537751677691.jpg -(51468 B, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Sup /swt/
drinking a mug of swiss miss while listening to 2hu remixes
>> No.8560  
I did something horrible today /howlanboyos/
>at hill
>no access to free coffee or tea
>go to coffee shop
>"I wanna café america--wait what's a wide eye?"
>"it's coffee with a shot of espresso"
>unzips dick
>load wide eye with cream and sugar because muh sweet tooth
>flash forward
>making bagged oolong
>notice espresso maker
>add espresso shot to my tea
I have sinned.
I was punished forthwith by nausea and a headache.
Moral: coffee and tea can only be mixed in dirty chai.

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