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Anybody here play MTG? Ive been getting into it but have no friends to FNM with
>> No.8423  
also how do i get to big mike
>> No.8424  
File: 1537464294882.jpg -(204242 B, 634x1536) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>get to big mike
the person or the site?
because the site was shut down a few months ago. If you're talking about the person, big mike is just prettyboy-yumi and his site is at https://prettyboytellem.com
>> No.8426  
And if you want to meet the prettyboy himself you gotta come to those most lit meetups

I do not MTG and don't really plan to start. It's a pretty costly card game and despite being the most popular, I can't say it interests me much. Good luck, though, you can always hit up your FLGS for Magic nights, though, I know that pretty much every one in existence will have a Magic night pretty regularly.

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