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3299169 No.8382  
would someone care to explain how a board dedicated to lonely ex-4chan users at university remains dead despite the wide-spread despair of the portion of the student body that lurks there?
>> No.8383  
You hit it in one word: [spoiler]lurk[/spoiler]
People are still hiding, even where it is safe. Also classwork maybe?
>> No.8384  
File: 1537240309842.png -(460658 B, 886x752) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I, for one, enjoy being dead
>> No.8440  
>>8382 >ex
what makes you say that?
>> No.8441  
not OP but it follows that nobody on howler would use 4chan because that site is devoid of content; since howler is filled with top-tier content (i.e. not just recycled jokes and shills) then everyone here is far above posting on a dead imageboard
>> No.8446  
oh jesus christ I have no fuckin friends man

I shouldn't have to explain my presence here
>> No.8451  
>devoid of content
Shit-boarder detected. You must have been one of those /b/ + /pol/ kiddos, there's content on boards that exist to do things besides make shitty jokes and rage about how unaccepted they are despite their advanced intellects and power to see above the so-called sheeple
I'll agree Howler is top-tier content, but browsing it exclusively is exactly how you fall into the same trap of recycled, shitty content that wears out hella fast. You gotta have something else going on in your life (even if it's just other sites) or you're gonna end up polluting this place, too.
>> No.8459  
File: 1537652653251.jpg -(26393 B, 640x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
almost every board is shit, anon. that's just how imageboards are; there are plenty of other interesting things to read on the internet (e.g. textboards, mailing lists, IRC logs) but imageboards are hardly conducive to progressive discussion
>> No.8481  
>progressive discussion
I'm not sure what you mean by this term. Like discussion that progresses to an end/conclusion?
>> No.8483  
>200 iq genious here

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