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49206 No.8374  
anyone else /NonTraditional/ at NCSU
im like 25 and can't find myself relating to any of my babby peers
they play fortnite unironically
>> No.8379  
>> No.8385  
Being a grad student is a lot like being nontraditional [spoiler]I mean OLD[/spoiler], except your peers are all about the same age.
Actually, I'm a few years older than all the others in my dept...
>> No.8391  
>>8385 is there no middle-ground between age-related disconnect and experience-related disconnect to others
>> No.8393  
You can always get a young person to pretend to be worldly, I guess
>> No.8394  
Really one or the other is fine. I've got friends significantly older than me and can even Have meaningful conversations with young people. The similar experiences (class-based, interest-based, or relating to personal character) drastically overcomes age-related differences.

The problems are:
1. You're probs not a normie and wouldn't get along with some rando just because of their age.
2. Cultural changes between generations occur at rapidly shrinking intervals due to internet, technology, and 9/11 and its consequences.
3. One of these changes involves social media usage, which favors lack of mindful, worldly experience, and encourages adhd time-wasting to the degree that no one really develops interests whether they be cards, gardening, post-punk, or w/e.

And as literal 30 yr old boomers adopt these norms, it will become less and less easy to relate to anyone.

Without the pretend.
>> No.8400  
File: 1537334115743.gif -(1278832 B, 245x218) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
post-punk is good :>

>> No.8416  
Dis boi got it right

What do you like, OP? What are your hobbies, your interests? Maybe there's a Howler who shares an interest or two that you can hang out with some.
>> No.8485  
If you dont want to play Fortnite then I wI'll play some
>> No.8486  
Halo 2 or 3 with you buddy
>> No.8488  
>>8416 my biggest interest lately is not being lonely to the point where it is worsening my mental health:^)
im also relearning guitar lately
>> No.8496  
Play paladins its like free overman

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