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File: 1537113070192.jpg -(2271101 B, 4032x1960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
2271101 No.8371  
I have a date in 10 minutes.
With a friend so if it goes badly, it's awkward
>> No.8372  
Only bravery and the ability to interact normally with a fellow human being can save you
If it goes not-well just be friends some more, it's possible.
>> No.8373  
tell us results anon
>> No.8377  
I think it went well
I developed a sniffle during the date though, so I didn't go for a hug or kiss
>> No.8380  
I sent a, want to do things again, text this morning
Still no reply. Never - usually the text after the first date comes quickly, acceptance or rejection
>> No.8381  
File: 1537235502198.png -(488058 B, 621x556) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
you said you two are/were friends, if she never replies ask in person as confidently and smoothly as you can
remember, confidence is n't knowing she'll like you back, it's being completely fine if she doesn't
>> No.8388  
File: 1537303441912.jpg -(179393 B, 641x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
she never responded
back to the tinder grind
>> No.8389  
>tindr grind
You could also just tend grindr
>> No.8390  
I'm not op but has anyone had good experiences with grindr con campus
i wouldn't mind meeting a qt twink boipucci
>> No.8392  
I've got a friend who tried the grindr, he found it too sexually aggressive b/c he was looking more for dating (I think)
So if you're lookin for twink boipucci, I think that'll work, idk what the twink population is around campus (my friend is arguably twinky, but also as mentioned before not into the sexually forward nature etc)
>> No.8395  
Girls are gay anon. Go on a date with yourself.
Unless you want a wholesome religious gf; then you could Find a qt and settle down.
[spoiler]non-religious is suffering TT^TT[/spoiler]
>> No.8396  
There's always the mythical wholesome non religious gf (oh, the irony)
>> No.8403  
Can confirm existence of such people. Dated one for a while

What does wholesome mean to you gentle anons?
>> No.8404  
wholesome is a buzzword that means different things to different people
most people it means nice and caring
but a lot of people use it as a substitute for plain
>> No.8412  
I wish I had encountered this cryptid.
>> No.8413  
I sent a cringey message asking for a response
she had forgot to respond
now I feel like shit
>> No.8414  
[spoiler]Author's Note: I'm treating wholesome as meaning straight-laced[/spoiler]
She had a bunch of really Christian friends, so maybe try finding Christians' Atheistic friends. Steeped in the religious culture so opposed to the sex, drugs, rock and roll [spoiler]last bit's a joke, no reasonable person hates entire genres, right anon?[/spoiler] which I'm guessing is what you want from a "wholesome" waifu
This is why you never go full pls respond, just send another, normal text instead of doing that. The future you will thank you.
[spoiler]I don't mean to bully, OP, it's just my nature [spoiler]I know I'm abusing spoilers[/spoiler][/spoiler]
>>8417 I got 99 problems but a ghost ain't one?
>> No.8415  
yea it was a bad play on my part
I've been ghosted so many fucking times and just moving on
and it seemed like my friend was ghosting me after a seemingly good date so I finally said something
wonder how many of those other ghosts were people just being forgetful
>> No.8417  
Ghosting is EVIL
I feel bad for you son.
>> No.8420  
File: 1537416264808.jpg -(82914 B, 800x562) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Wholesome means being considerate. Like when someone makes you food and it's not that good but you say it tastes great anyway because it's really the action behind it that counts.
Wao you must have confused dragon ball z // ANIME girls on tap that was fast.
fuck off word filter
anyway I'm not even sure what >>8395 meant. But I do agree that girls are gay and boys are cooler.
cute boys are few-and-far-between on-campus. but I've never met you anon so I don't know if you count :3

I should shower before I go to bed but it's really late.
But who's really keeping track
I'll eat the ~20 mins just to feel nice and clean.
not really σ(⌒▽⌒;) ナニ
I already made ビーフチーズー丼 earlier so I'm not interested in eating 20 of anything except 20 standard time units anyway gotta run.
>> No.8421  
File: 1537416413415.jpg -(77000 B, 620x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Why would this be at all tied to being religious, I'm confused now.
Nah, I just got lucky when I opened my image folder

Gotta eat that 20, namean, senpai?
tfw no one understands me v_v [spoiler]/s[/spoiler]
Hmmm. I'll assume that's Japanese for ACP b/c that's delicious and I hope your meal was blessed

I wish to one day eat time units, but for now I retire as so many anons before me
>> No.8430  
File: 1537481665247.png -(147516 B, 480x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
wholesome means someone who behaviour makes me wanna get married for life and have three kids on a homestead. I've also used the term to guide my sexual life- if it's not something I'm feeling completely natural and comfortable with, I don't bother. Wholesome means trustworthy, it means morally sound. It's what I strive for, because I want to balance being happy with doing what's right. I'm not a big fan of hedonism as a personal choice, so I use "is it wholesome?" as a check to make sure I'm not being too self indulgent. I could go on but I think I'm wearing the word out by now.
>> No.8432  
You sound like a nice anon.
Ya but anon also uses it as a personal base-line. It seems less of a girly thing and instead more widely applicable.
>> No.8433  
This man understands.
Wholesome gf wants to start a family with you and stay faithful. She helps you tend your garden. She appreciates what you do for her but doesn't expect it.
You marry wholesome gf. You date regular gf.
Yeah its not specific to females. It would suck to BE the wholesome gf and look for a wholesome guy, cause we're rare (and old).
Y-you're mean anon
>> No.8434  
I can't tell if you're hilarious or broken, but I think my money's on the former
If the latter, seek help. The real world awaits, my friend.
>> No.8435  
>you're mean
desu this is accurate
>>8430 's description does sound highly 1-dimensional if you're applying it to a person, but maybe is just one dimension of a real human?
using wholesomeness as a moral axis is p bizarre tho, very 21st century madman
and plus >2018 and still viewing hedonism as a moral evil
pretty exciting
>> No.8437  
Not him but,
>moral evil
Is a meme, but from a pragmatic standpoint, Hedonism is a pretty imprudent. Most philosophers and religious texts (Gita &c) have already enumerated why hedonism cannot let someone live "the good life" i.e. a life that justifies itself in the eyes of he who lives it. So it would really be a waste for humble old me to convince you.

That being said, I've taken hedonism through its natural progression and... it gets old after an embarrassingly small amount of degenerate sex and psychedelic drugs. Hell even Epicurus himself, the granddaddy hedonist lived a moderate lifestyle, fasted, &c. So in my understanding, someone who's TRULY wholesome has come out from the other side of their "party" phase, and, to borrow someone else's words, 'Stood upon their mountaintop and shouted at the sky' in the horror that hedonism does not even fulfill the one need it intends (pleasure) and that they need a new worldview.

And furthermore, yes wholesomeness is just one aspect of a real person, but it is a fundamental one--a guiding principle or view on life.
>> No.8442  
Having to choose primarily between religious literalists and non-religious moral relativists is suffering. Why do so many people throw away value systems when they realize they were forged by a millennia of human interaction and not codified by an ethereal dictator? Like, doesn't that make them MORE valid? ;-;
>> No.8443  
File: 1537584880414.jpg -(46673 B, 814x527) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.8447  
>>8443 no u
>> No.8448  
>shut in autists debate morality and purpose of life, yet haven't experienced half of the shit they rail against
you'll evolve. I remember in my hayday I called myself a stoic and read a bunch of philo. Took me years to realize none of that shit is important
>> No.8449  
>>8437 here. Have experienced yakku per-sento of the stuff I "rail against."
>religion and philosophy are unimportant
>caring about things is stupid, kiddo [tips fedora]
>> No.8450  
not caring about that type of stuff is normieism, not neckbeard
>> No.8458  
And no one can bore me
quite like a normie
>> No.8475  
Brave of you to assume much about anyone on this board
>> No.8499  
>nothing matters, anyone that disagrees is below me and hasn't experienced enough like yet
How's freshman year treating you?
>> No.8512  
File: 1538193932431.png -(5994 B, 250x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
who knows anon maybe we're both cute
maybe we've AlReAdY mEt
>> No.8562  
File: 1538450375329.png -(1801352 B, 2560x1440) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
a new date tomorrow night
this time not with someone I know already

I was showing my friend my dating profile and he asked how long ago one of the pics was taken
I said in May, he was surprised and said I looked like in high school
this year has aged me tremendously
>> No.8563  
you are becoming more powerful.
>> No.8564  
or slowly dying
dont get me wrong, i hope you're right
and the date goes well
>> No.8566  
may is the first time I drank alcohol and first time I seriously started dating (with the aid of dating apps)
my lifeforce is being consumed
>> No.8567  
>dating apps
what's your success with these? In my experience any online dating platform is exclusively for women (considering the effort involved to be one oscar meyer weiner in a sea of potential oscar meyer weiners really isn't worth it). tl;dr women use tinder to get laid, men use it to lose confidence and hate themselves and/or women.
>> No.8569  
Since May I have used a large number of apps off and on. When I started, I was loner autist, never kissed on the lips. These are my stories. dun dun

zoosk, hinge, match, hilly, pof, happn - never use these
there are either too few people using them or they force you to pay for basic functionality. I have had zero success on these

coffee meet bagel - gave me my first dating app date and nothing since. I still have it installed but the unique way it works works against men 100% of the time, probably a complete waste

okcupid - my wheel house, gave me my only 2 "successful" dating partners since May. OkCupid is actually really great because both the website and the app force you to read a little when the pictures come up. the words help you out if you're not very attractive (like me)
I have gotten a lot of matches and dates from okcupid

bumble - the app seems to recycle through the most liked people that you have no chance of matching with. I've matched with around 30 people on this app since May, but have never actually had a date with one. the app seems to be filled with mid to late 20s white women and early 20s asians, all flakey as hell

tinder - I used to hate this one because I was having no success on it, still not getting much. But the key to tinder is your first two photos and the bio. Once you actually get some good photos and something half interesting in your bio you can get some matches. It helps that tinder is so popular, probably as many women on tinder as all the other apps I've listed here combined. I can swipe for quite a while without seeing a duplicate whereas I've passed or liked every single woman in my improves on okcupid

While I've had my share of bad experiences, wasted time, and wasted money, I would definitely recommend giving dating apps a try if you're not having any luck in the real world. I can't pick up women in real life, I get nervous cold calling so to speak, so I need these. I would
>> No.8570  
recommend using okcupid + tinder simultaneously.
>> No.8584  
the date was short but it went well
>> No.8587  
I'm in a position in which I really shouldn't be using tinder, since certain people can see certain people using certain apps and certain people using said apps is frowned upon. Can you scope out the ladies on okcupid before signing up?
Also, yeah, I've wasted a LOT of time with these apps, but rolly's bigger, so maybe the odds are better?
>> No.8589  
Are you trying to say your friends are prudes or that you wanna cheat on your partner? Remember always, if they see you on OKCupid etc. then they're on it, too, and you can just use whatever lame-ass excuse they have for being on it [spoiler]unless this is about cheating in which case their friends may still see it and report back and you be busted af but like also don't cheat it's not nice[/spoiler]
I feel that. Gotta keep up that professional appearance. Being a professional without an inherent commanding presence is difficult.
Seriously, positions of "official" authority are the worst. Authority that comes only from your position is pretty worthless desu. People should want to follow you not just do it because that's their job. Managers you respect the ability of should be more valuable than managers you respect the projection of.
It's really a mind-numbing way to live if you just completely bow away to anyone in a position of official authority. I like the phrase of "Question Authority" not just because fuck the man rah rah etc, but because questioning authority is a valuable exercise in understanding what rules are and are not worth following, what orders are and are not worth following. We aren't all military peons being forced to take orders because they're given with no room for questioning or defiance, and we really never should be. The military structure works that way because they need whatever grand design implemented precisely by people they assume to have only a base level of intelligence (this is the assumption, not the truth, mind you. I'm not saying military people are all inherently mindless drones, but trained to be that way) but in an actual society where there is no grand design that we're all invested in, why should I unquestioningly follow anyone who is telling me what to do? Why should I be invested in their vision? Civil disobedience is a righteous thing that is now just being seen as being anti-American,
>> No.8592  
It has to do with jobs and responsibilities my dude. responsibilities including but not limited to: not looking like an undergrad, not being seen as an equal to people you supervise, &c.
It seems stupid, but this is a university after all; a lot of things are stupid.
I wouldn't cheat anon, sincere LTRs are categorically superior to all other relations and I wouldn't betray a sweatheart like that.
>> No.8593  
But honestly I would prefer it. P much everyone on earth is low-key authoritarian af, and I wish I could just be like a guide, like... you can leave a guide whenever you feel like it, he isn't in charge of you... but he has good ideas. I want that dynamic, but instead I have to be ''''''respectable''''''
>> No.8594  
I shouldn't have hit Done when we weren't done. Rookie mistake.
I like you. You get it. The idea that authority comes from such arbitrary factors continues to warp our understanding of power and interpersonal relationships. Like, say you ask a cop to leave you alone and go about his day. He won't do that, because he has authority. He may even disrespect you. But if you refuse to obey him unquestioningly, he believes you don't respect him. You're using ideas connected by the same signifier "respect" but have nothing to do with each other. One respect is tied up in desire to emulate or at least appreciation of someone as admirable in their own way; the other respect is abject slavery and pure submission to someone because of a shiny accessory that someone gave them.
I think "politics" here means more or less the "political illusion" and name-dropping, ideologically charged disputes, &c., but anyway...
What you say about questioning authority really interests me, because some people reject authority universally, as others accept it, so instead of taking a stand when things are reall intolerable, they're out doing community service for misdemeanors. Or, they'll do stupid crap because someone told them not too (i.e. literally everyone esp. myself, as a teenager). Instead, I agree that we need to reflect on WHY someone is telling us X or Y and, in spite of the reasoning, does it apply to us (i.e. a racecar driver has little motivation to obey traffic laws out of safety concerns, since for his skill, they're irrelevant). And yes, unfortunately the Prussian system of military indoctrination functions better than less organized systems, because it coincidentally "functions" MORE OFTEN than militias &c.
As for civil disobedience (and uncivil disobedience, which has its place) becoming frowned upon; one could chalk it up to the tendency toward (illusiory) security instead of freedom which is kinda a chore. A reprehensible individual said....
>> No.8595  
anti-Freedom, etc. Also please don't delet, moddos, I swear this is philosophy and not politics.
But yes, I'm 100% on board with following people you believe in and people you agree with rather than the shiny statue of a person that got put in front of you to command you to speak, do, etc.
I think that actually, civil (and uncivil) disobedience has always been viewed disfavorably by the people in positions of designated authority, of course, but also the general public as they see it as introducing disorder and disruption into their peaceful lives, as an unwelcome intrusion of some ugliness that they've been casually and passively hiding from their own wandering eyes. Disobedience has always been a reminder that life is more complicated and more hairy than you'd like it to be and the easiest way to get rid of that is not to resolve the issues but to silence, ignore, discredit the people who are trying to make you look. >>8596 I very much like this idea. To work to defend liberty is a duty and you don't have the right for someone else to do it for you. Everyone has a responsibility to be an agent of themselves and to act in such a way that they get whatever they believe they are due. Mussolini did much wrong in his alignment with the Axis and his institution of fascism etc, but as the old adage goes, he made the trains run on time. Even people you hate do things right from time to time.
Then I guess we're Howler's civil unrest. [spoiler]but ye chill, it's more aligned to the axis of personal philosophy than modern politics[/spoiler]
>one time
Wake up, b, we chattin on the frequent. >>8601 It's at least routine, every couple days there's some real conversation
It is interesting. We don't take after the archetypal heroes that we enjoy so much, but we do still follow after our media icons. It's just a matter of which heroes we're using as our guide, you know? It's not the heroes who fight the good fight, but rather the ones who...
>> No.8596  
"Liberty is a duty, not a right." And though this individual was in the wrong when he genocided Libyans, in this instance, he has a point. It's much easier to obey than to reflect, participate in governance, and develop the ability to defend yourself.
Cool it, B, we just discussin' politics, society and all that. We're not talking about THE PRESIDENT OR THE MAN WHO MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE DONE A THING, we're talking real shit.
Love you too, bb
Yeah literally every time I'm on here with someone else, it's REALTALK HOURS
You know it's a little strange how modern culture hasn't really influenced modern... culture. Like take LotR. Everyone and their Oba-chan likes summa them-there who-bits. The sad few who never read the book have at least seen the movie and played the surprisingly good bro-op PS2 games. And yet, the whole
>life is more complicated and hairy than you'd like, but you have to do something about it
is like the main point of the story, especially in the book when you get the 100% Vichy shire. And even with the defaults of unsaid racism, black-and-white morality &c. people don't even hold on to the best idea(s because respecting nature is in there too) in the story: getting off your ass and doing things to prevent a worse future.
Well a 4th are mine boyo. Are you our resident Dom Juan/Romeo?
There's a lot wrapped up in that. Firstly, I'd agree that people are becoming more and more egoistic in a neutral sense of the word.
But that being said, there is a reason that people don't risk their sort for others in this day and age: people don't want to be helped. Granted, this tendency was widespread even at the height of the revolution, but today it's almost like people know, you can go out there and change something, but no one else gives a damn (the realization of which helped me grow out of my teenage messiah complex). Speaking of which, there might be a tendency to this buried within the foundation of "our" beliefs....
>> No.8599  
File: 1538537052940.png -(868381 B, 722x507) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.8600  
File: 1538537177073.jpg -(41024 B, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
the one time the board is active and it's over political theory
>> No.8601  
half the posts on this board are mine so i can promise it's not frequent
>> No.8602  
fight for themselves, we've re-entered the time of "rugged individualism" where the self-made man is the epitome of what every person wants to be. Not concerned with social issues and immune to the winds of political and societal change, rising above it to stand and soak up the sun. It's not about the ultimate good and whatnot, it's all about the personal good. People want to live a comfy life and see that as an absolute precursor to doing any kind of social action for the benefit of others. Why risk my lot to improve another's? I worked hard to get what I have and to get to stand in the sun. If they want the same experience, they should follow the same path. It isn't about heroism or charity, it's about taking care of you and your kin first and foremost and helping others as a side-effect.
And if a quarter of the posts are yours, then I guess there's only 3 people posting on this board.
I think I agree with the neutrality of the egoism. It's an intriguing theory that the concept of self-making is strongly linked to the popular religions. Social media narcissism is a noticeable (and real, I think) thing, but I agree with the view of it as more symptomatic than causal .
I'm not dating bro, so that makes 4 indeed (assuming anger-man isn't dating bro either). If we go the next step of assuming we're not admins, then we're up to 6, I think. I think I can confirm the existence of at least 7 or 8 posters based on meetups and non-meetup persons. Maybe 10? I'd have to actually give enough attention to give a real count, which seems ill-advised at this hour while writing up answers to a take-home exam.
Good dreams and happiness, my fellow Howlers. Tomorrow is another day. Remember, we walk always among each other, invisible hands to lift each other up. [/weirdPositiveVibes]
>> No.8603  
File: 1538538525872.jpg -(128980 B, 533x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
i.e. certain belief systems whether they be religious or ideological, focus on individual salvation, whereas others, take mahayana (is that the one?) buddhist in which the salvation of the multitude is the ultimate good, whereas individual buddha-hood would be insufficient. The narcissism induced in certain users of social media may also play a role, but I tend to see that as partially a consequence of older currents.
Also, if neither of us are sexy dating bro, then there's 4
pic unrelated
Good night friendo. I leave you with this:
Stacks (6th floor) JF2049 .M62
>> No.8604  
cuute. did you set up a 2nd date?
>> No.8615  
I mean, I use all these dating apps and I'm a TA. But then again I only teach freshmen classes and my age improves are set high. I've seen former students from 2 years ago, but I've never seen a current student.
She texted while I was asleep to say she had a good time, so I'll try
>> No.8634  
Glad to hear it, friend!
Also why are so many Howlers grad students? There's at least 3 and there can't even be a dozen posters total.
>> No.8641  
This place attracts broken people
by definition, all grad students are broken

and now I leave for my Asheville vacation with my friend
she still hasn't gotten back to me about a second date for next week
>> No.8642  
I hail from Asheville friend
go to the pinball museum, tell them a certain raleigh student sent you, they'll be happy
>> No.8684  
lol I'm already back and I didn't see your message
two separate vacations in asheville I have seen the pinball museum but have never went in
spent most of the time boozing, was quite fun
>> No.8740  
Cassanovanon, I followed your wisdom (got really depressed) and made a tinder. Not paying fofor iit bbut WWHY CAN'TCAN'T II PHONEPOST ANYMOREANYMORE
any way there's a llotta TTHICKIES ffrendo, II lovelove youyou forfor thisthis! AlsoAlso, II knowknow ththe prostrat iis tto massmass likelike everyoneeveryone, butbut beingbeing cosychoosy helpshelps remindremind mme thatthat II DDO havehave standardsstandards. II havehave nno cluclue whywhy mymy phonephone iis doingdoing thisthis, II thinkthink it'sit's causecause my browserbrowser upupdated.
>> No.8741  
>>8740 I want what he's having
>> No.8758  
good luck parkinsonanon
we're all going to make it
got a new tinder date for tonight with quite a qt
>> No.8761  
she stood me up
then the boys stood me up for drinks
going to bed early to cry and wake up early for a run
>> No.8762  
>>8761 :(
>> No.8766  
How was your run? Btw I'll never stand you up, anon.
>> No.8769  
I got a good 15 miles in. A little less than this time last year before the marathon in November, but I feel ready
>> No.8772  
got extremely drunk last night to celebrate my birthday
oof I feel like shit
thanks for reading my blog howler
>> No.8774  
incidentally so did I; not celebrating my birthday of course
>> No.8777  
Dear Cassanovanon. Parkinson's Bro here. Bad jokes and a *subtle* snarky bio got me half a dozen matches and two dates.
So again, Big McThankies from McSpankie's
>> No.8778  
good job!
and even if the dates don't go well, keep trying
I scored a date last night at the last minute and she wants a second date for friday
>> No.8788  
File: 1539699438843.jpg -(30368 B, 229x293) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
lol jk I'm giving up on women until I level up into silver fox mode
>pic related, me circa 2045
I realised I was being strung along by my abnormally high libido was settling for less than I deserve
And then that I'll deserve more as I keep exercising and building myself up. The fact that male and female value is so incongruent (resources v. youth respectively) means there's literally no incentive for trying for a relationship ATM. I'll wait till after I'm out of school, /fit/, and generally more focused.
>> No.8823  
henlo friends i just wanted to give a tinder tip i discovered:
i was having shit luck after i moved here, which was odd, i usually match every so often
I deleted my account and now im back to normal
Tinderhas a ratio assigned to you and it can get wonky over time, reset will fix this
>> No.8828  
lol yea I've done that before
it's such a great morale booster to get a bunch of matches after deleting

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