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331819 No.8293  
How does Rolly do with Cat 3s? On the Gulf Coast, folks usually just fill up a cooler and buy some canned meat/beans (in case of power outages) and then proceed to mix drinks and stare off the porch.

But what about here? Is school gonna be cancelled? Are we eating MREs? Will I be able to fill my gas tank? Will 11L run EVEN LATER?
>> No.8294  
If you won't get wet for Howler then I can't help you there. Howler keeps me spiritually soaked at all hours
Other than that it's not bad, we try not to crash in the heavy rain and hope not to lose power. If you eat MREs it's your own fault cuz most things should be p normal
Also if you at the bottom of a hill, then damn will that blow. Flooding is real and floodplains are sometimes developed, which is a problem.
We'll almost definitely be hiding in the library (using the word hiding very loosely) but I think it shouldn't be bad enough to be hiding in bomb shelters and the like.
If you don't live in D.H. Hill it's cuz you're dying there. The library is hella based and has secret grad student areas that we can 100% access through the power of the Oldies and the Goldies.
That's hella sick, I should chill there more. If you ever see some geek crushing Mega Man Battle Network, it's most likely me.
>don't understand antiperspirant
I feel that. The lovely smell of musky bodies quickly loses its charm
I'm totally down, dude. Getting a good weekday game grind is the way to go
I think mine is plausible. I've also got a gamepad I can bring
Yeah, basically. Have canned food and some flashlights (check the batteries/bulbs/functionality!) maybe a few candles and generally be prepared for the possibility of losing power, but do not let it frighten you.
The only thing to fear is power grid failure that knocks out Howler. As long as Howler is still going, I'm gonna be posting and maybe we can have spontaneous, lights-out fun.
Don't forget to charge your DS's, either, fellow Howlers, lest you be in the dark and forced to play more cursed games like Monopoly or full-contact Charades.
>how little I play my 3DS
I was in the same boat until I hacked it and now emulate and pirate my way to all the best games from the history of portable gaming.
Yes, yes, I meant BACK-UPS OF GAMES I OWN [spoiler]Can that be something for the improver?[/spoiler]
>> No.8295  
>Howler keeps me spiritually soaked at all hours
It's not an issue of getting wet. if it was a cat 1-2 I would think literally nothing of it.
Again, not accustomed to these on the Gulf.
I might as well LIVE in D H Hill.
TOPKEK. The Grad Commons is based. I'm the dude who plays Castlevania in there (about to do that in a minute actually) only problem is SOME grad students don't understand the principle of antiperspirant :(
>Megaman Battle Network
HELL YEAH [spoiler]I never actually played it myself[/spoiler]
We should grab some gamepads and play some 4-5 player Super Bomberman
This needs to happen (with someone else's laptop because mine has screwy USB ports).
If someone has another ps2 controlly-roller I've got a diggly-dongle thingy with another free port.
That's 3 right there.
I should just mix hurricanes and stock up on a week's worth of
>spontaneous, lights-out fun.
Sounds like a hurricane party to me. Who's got some grenadine and OJ?
Man, I got card games for days. Plus it's embarrassing how little I play my 3DS.
>Hacked it
I considered an R4 cart and CFW (had a PSP like that till I gifted it) I might play cough... BACK-UPS OF GAMES I OWN eventually.
Oh yes f­a­­m
AHAHAH Oldfaggoty has finally paid off t­b­h
Yesss. A secret spell. Sounds pretty a­n­i­me
>> No.8296  
My post broke :/
Yes, the beautiful word improver that rules us all! It gives us wonderful shortcuts for typing things like senpai and friend

>way too many returns
That's life.
You astound me with your bold usage of a cursed word. You must be quite the veteran of improves to know that secret spell
It's been so many years since I dodged a improver that I don't even remember the alt-code anymore :/
Don't post it here, though! It must remain a secret spell.
>fil ter
So boldly speaking it's name. I very clearly don't remember the right code.
>Harvey and Ivan 3s
No way no how. Those fat puppies were beyond 3 I'm fairly certain.
I forgot that they're always categorized by highest power level. As for deception I have no recollection of being fucked by a hurricane in the Triangle, as far as I'm aware Fran was the last thing to really beat us with the ugly stick
I meant in my lifetime, dawg.
True, honestly. I don't really know the distribution of hurricane categories so I just sort of assumed something comparable had happened in the last 20 years. If it's gonna hit us like Fran or Harvey then we bout to get some real diggity goin and that would probably murder the meetup and the schoolday
Al Gore was always right. Rest his soul and bless his heart, he tried and he fucked it up with improper branding. (I am, in fact, aware Al Gore is still alive)
>based and redpilled
Which one is the cyanide pill? How do I get that one?
>> No.8297  
>Just remembered that Harvey and Ivan were Cat 3s.
Why have you deceived me, Anon?
Also, its Alt+[spoiler]Nahh[/spoiler]
Ivan I think made landfall as a 4, but wrecked the place after dropping to a 3.
Florence should make landfall at 4, but will be a 3 by the time it--
>power level
>Cat 4
>hit around Wilmington
>Historical tragedy
Yeah, I know. They're pretty rare
Just rare enough to lull people into a false sense of security until WHAM--Al Gore was right!
>Haw if it's so cold then how d'you splain it bein WARMING
>based and redpilled
Yeah, I followed. Oh, the cyanide pill is CYAN duh.
Well, my dude. I'm heading over to D H Hill, my man. Fingers crossed that the European model is wrong for once. If not, I'm probably making ONE HELL of a drive.
>> No.8298  
Is this thread some kind of steganographic message?
>> No.8301  
I can assure you that I don't know what steganography is and that we are not using your delightful forum to pass messages in a conspicuous but secretive manner.
>> No.8335  
File: 1536721479747.jpg -(33956 B, 540x397) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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