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12465 No.8245  
Just curious, what does everyone think of the marching band? This is my second year in state's band and I'm curious as to the general opinion. Do people like the marching band or are we just kind of tolerated? Not that it'll change anything, but I'd be interested to know.
>> No.8246  
We only like the marching band for the flag girls. UwU
But in all seriousness ya'll weren't bad at convocation, just loud which i guess is the point.
>> No.8274  
play some real fucking songs. spiderman theme? really?
>> No.8276  
I just hope y'all practice hard, cause some of the people playing the incredibles theme in ptice are struggling
>> No.8304  
>>8274 OP here, we don't really get to pick the songs. I share your opinion on that though. Most of our "real" songs are almost exclusively for the stands.
>> No.8305  
>>8276 That song was unreasonably convoluted for a lot of parts. nobody really had a consistent melody, but rather just scatters notes and runs. It was really dumb.

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