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File: 1536074237932.jpg -(1275642 B, 2000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
1275642 No.8209  
I don't know if this is somewhere I could post but screw it.
We could meet up and discuss what you want to be drawn.
(on campus that is)
just shoot me an email with a description or a place to meet up.

Specialty: dragon ball z art
Don'ts: guro, scat, straight up hentai, you get the picture.
>> No.8213  
that's really cool! I hope you get a lot of requests, it's really neat to see someone on-campus doing commissions!
>> No.8215  
>>8213 Yeah, thought it might be cool to try something new out. Thanks for the support dude.

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