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22504 No.8168  
Who /fit/ here?

Need a spotter twice a week, literally anyone with working arms and the willingness to get up and go to Carmichael early as fuck. Personally going 6x a week. Open to anyone , from someone that's new and could use help in return or someone that already goes but could use a buddy on occasion.

If you're wondering, yes, I'm the retard that nearly killed himself with barely more than 1pl8 this morning because I didn't use a power rack.
>> No.8169  
File: 1535915526106.jpg -(150536 B, 1065x1063) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'll be your spotter. Need some accountability anyway. I've been trying to get back at it after a mysterious shoulder injury (cost me $300 for docs to tell me they ain't know shit).
Anyway, if you wanna help me out with pacing and routine ideas, I'll spot for you. Plus I feel stupid in there by myself, hardly knowing what the fuck to do. What time do you go?
>> No.8170  
File: 1535916306073.jpg -(46824 B, 600x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>8169 I basically go as early as Wolfline runs, ~7-730 on weekdays. Only time I can reliably get a rack. As for where to start, it's hard to say. I do a PPLPPLR split, which is why I need a spotter preferably Mon/Thurs, but most people recommend some variation of starting strength
>> No.8171  
I have to take the bus too because on-campus parking is a joke.
I assume. I used to do that when I was in better shape, Now I do arms-legs-rest
>Starting strength
I never did the (s)whole program or w/e, but I did start doing the work-outs + ab/aductions as like a simplified leg day.
>>8172 I've never really understood the appeal of benching over push-ups.
What am I missing?
>Strength v. endurance
It's coming back to me. I think I read a blog or sth. years ago relating to that.
Dont get me wrong, I used to do bench presses. I guess it's know coincidence then that I got bigger faster then.
>no* coincidence
Alright, anon-sama, is the gym open that early on labor day? I know library hours are unchanged, but I dunno about Carmichael.
K. See you Thursday. I'll be the scrawny weeb with a sleeveless Dragonball shirt.
>Jesus and Goku
what a pair
>> No.8172  
>>8171 So long as your routine has you benching M/Th it'll work out, I think.
Doing sets of 50+ pushups will increase my endurance, but not my strength. The simplistic idea, from what I understand, is that 3-5 rep sets develop the nervous connections that maximize muscle use, 8-12 maximize muscle breakdown for hypertrophy and growth, 12+ for endurance. The element that benefits the most from a set is the element that prevents you from doing the next rep. Pushups are light enough weight that the main thing you're working out is your body's ability to keep your muscles fueled. This is valuable to a point, but you'll hit a wall as far as growth and strength go, unless you start doing weighted pushups which are just more effort than they're worth.
It opens at 10 tomorrow, but I'm busy with family stuff anyway, just did my push day today anyway since I'm just now moving from a rotating p/p/l/r/p/p/etc to a fixed weekly pplppl
Lol, I'll be the Jesus lookalike.
>> No.8173  
I rub
And run
>> No.8174  
File: 1535918690499.jpg -(60050 B, 526x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.8175  
running causes strokes and chadness
>> No.8176  
>>8173 rub
>> No.8179  
>>8171 Just so you have a basic reference, this is what my routine is based on https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/37ylk5/a_linear_progression_based_ppl_program_for/. As I said, only really need a spot for bench, but can help with what little knowledge I have in the process lol
>> No.8256  
>>8171 See you in the morning senpai
>> No.8257  
why is f@m wordfiltered ffs
>> No.8258  
>>8257 not sure senpai
>> No.8259  
@7? I'll be there. I haven't done anything in a week, so you're really motivating me to get out the door and hit the gym!
>> No.8260  
>>8259 Will be more like 730 for me
>> No.8264  
On my way over from North Campus atm senpai
>> No.8265  
>>8264 I’m at one of the power cages on the bottom floor. Will probably be done benching by the time you get here but can at least meet and figure things out lol
>> No.8266  
Sorry if I was awkward. I didn't want to be literally the only people having a convo in there.
>> No.8267  
anon lifting friends seem cute
>nobody was talking
never been in the DUNGEON but that seems like an excuse to yell in there
>> No.8270  
>>8266 No worries lol, as long as the barbell doesn't snap my neck I'm happy
>> No.8273  
where is this fungeon?
>> No.8275  
File: 1536292401358.jpg -(453284 B, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's just the name of the lifting room in the bottom floor of Carmichael
>> No.8278  
By the now defunct entrance?
>> No.8299  
>>8266 Not sure if you're planning on coming again tomorrow morning; if not, no worries, as I'll be going with my brother starting later in the week so I've got my spot covered
>> No.8300  
Was gonna try to but Mondays I start class early so it's a bit inconvenient. Glad to help when you need it though.
>> No.8318  
Anyone know if Carmichael is gonna be completely shut down with this nastiness?
>> No.8319  
More than likely. Most things associated w/ the uni. will be shut down. i.e. on-campus stores and the coffee shops.
I'm sure the di, actualyy
>Under Condition 2, all non-mandatory operations are suspended and non-mandatory employees should not report to work until the university resumes normal operations.
>All university residence halls, Greek Court and on-campus apartments will be open, and university dining facilities are planned to remain open (unless safety becomes an issue), throughout the duration of the storm.
Just according to that link at the top of howler

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