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File: 1535558711263.jpg -(35427 B, 591x639) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
35427 No.7500  
/NCSU Halp pls.

Gonna copy and paste exactly what I told my friend.

So I met this girl last Wednesday in my calc class. I asked for her number since we sat right next to each other. The next day I invite her out to see avengers cause it was free on campus. We go. Have fun watching the movie. Everything is good. They were showing two movies that night so we had some time in between movies. I was like "hey wanna go to Talley (kinda like our school hub) so I can get something to eat." She agrees and we walk to Talley and I get some Jason's deli. On the way my eyes do this thing where they get really watery cause it's kinda cold out. So as we're on the way back I'm like "ugh my allergies are really acting up." She says "do we need to stop by the c store so we can get you some allergy medicine?" "I say no, it's just my allergy to cute girls acting up" (cringey yes I know but) she laughed and expressed her love for shitty flirting. So one movie full of handholding and bad flirting later I walk her back to her dorm (which is in the same hall as mine) and we hug. We don't really do much or talk the next day but we go to see the last avengers movie and she invites her best friend/dormmate. We still hold hands through the movie and I walk them home and we take a picture together and hug again. We make plans to go to packapalooza the next day (like a big state fair thing without the rides). I meet up with them and bring some cupcakes I bought from this little bakery (they were amazing btw) and we all go to packapalooza. Her friend quickly leaves
Us behind and we end up walking around holding hands and shit for 2-3 hours. (There was an awkward time where we talked about baby making (cause of these stands) and we even both took condoms) afterwards we go back to talley, get lunch and I walk her home. She said she was gonna take a nap. I text her 3 hours later cause the packapalooza was gonna do fireworks. Text another 2 hours later cause my friends are gonna (1/2)
>> No.7501  
Watch a movie in tucker. I didn't get to talk to her at all until monday when we had calc together again and she said she just wants to take things slow and be friends for a while. Do I still stand a chance /NCSU? or should I accept my friendzone?
>> No.7502  
Honestly probs not, but it sounds like a good attempt. Practice makes perfect. Plus a bonus of being friendzoned is hey, you get to be friends which is cool. It must be nice to have friends...

Keep putting yourself out there my dude. Also, protip:
>Texted her 3 hours later
Never do this, it shows how vulnerable you are (even though everyone is, you should hide it).
>> No.7504  
I'd just take it slow, if it works out it works out, if it doesn't it doesn't.
>> No.7505  
>met this girl last Wednesday in my calc class
>asked for her number since we sat right next to each other.
goddamn that was fast
but anyway since she's said she just wants to take things slow and be friends for a while, I think you won't be going anywhere fast :P
like >>7502 said, just keep putting yourself out there
>> No.7507  
lol that was a cute read
based on my expert knowledge of approximately 10 girls I've dated in my life, I would say this is over
but you tried and that's the most important thing
sometimes it just doesn't work out due to attraction
IF there was something you did wrong, it could have been trying a little too hard by messaging too quickly/often, maybe not going for a kiss (even on the cheek) while you guys were at packapoolza
>> No.7508  
This man has a good point. In [current year] it's best to take risks, make mistakes, and (if all goes well) get messy.
Even though she said she wants to take it slow, you probably dun goofed by not going fast enough at the beginning (Why y'all grab the condominiums??)
>> No.7509  
actually pretty shocking that you guys did all that and not at least kiss
I remember when I was completely clueless and thankfully dated some direct women who would kiss me
now usually kiss at the end of the first date, if it hasn't by the second (ie she deny or I don't do it for some reason) then I feel like it won't last
>> No.7510  
Fellow clueless imbecile here: thank Odin for direct ladies. Pardon the analogy, but they can ofter be like lvl 1 mooks in that you can get a lot of usable experience by lucking out with one. Sometimes it even works out with them for a long time/ever. If not, they can teach you a lot.
>> No.7511  
Hasn't for me really
my longest relations were 3.5 week normal one, 6 month internet where we met in person for a week
I just have some many 1st-3rd date experiences due to dating apps
so many
still hoping for a long term relationship
>> No.7512  
LTRs are the dream. wanna finish school and settle down instead of die alone.
Dating apps are a blessing and a curse. You can skip over a lot of initial awkwardness, but you're not gonna do well with girls (or boys) IRL without spilling spaghetti all over the floor of gamestop several times.
I recommend developing some confidence by trying to be outgoing and failing. Like try to make friendly (not necessarily friends) with randos from time to time. Here I mean of either sex, without the slightest intent.
>> No.7514  
the 3.5 week one was really close to being long term but my thirst for self sabotage fucked it up
>> No.7520  
>>7501 sounded great until the end there, maybe she got spooked about how fast it went? maybe shes just getting out of something. cute story though you'll be fine in life
>> No.7527  
This. Just be friends, if she wants to try the romantic angle again, let her bring it up.
>> No.7529  
Well Bros OP here. She switched out of myour Calc class which means i have no way of getting in touch with her naturally. Rip my heart heart bro.
>> No.7530  
File: 1535599468742.png -(721354 B, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Oh no! You can go on a date w/ me :3
I'm a boy so it doesn't count! But maybe we could get coffee or something >.<
Are you here this weeknd?
Then maybe we could meet up on Saturday!
>vibing to lo-fi
essential wednesday night
>> No.7531  
>>7530 do you have kik or something so we can set it up. I'm super despresso rn so excuse me
>> No.7532  
File: 1535599802898.jpg -(94562 B, 680x660) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>doesn't count
Boys count, too! Never let anyone say you don't count, remember always that the US Census Bureau will always count you no matter what.
Maybe that is something that is only meaningful to me. But USCB is a blessed entity.
Don't worry, a heart heart has many lives. believe and advance and you can find new life for your heart heart.
Rookie mistake, never Done your post until the person you're actively conversing with has done so or you have to disappear. It is okay to be new,
we all did it once ( or 7 times ), I ain't [MAD]'d in many moons, do not concern, we tight senpai.

B L E S S , also senpai is a word-improver. I'm grad skoolin at this point so I'm very excited to get to senpai more .
I've never seen someone who actually /soc/ for anything but camgirls, I am becoming more enlightened by the moment.
>bored already
That'd be one flippant chica if she bored in < a day. If she bored she ain't right, but damn dude that sounds stylin'. I gotta do some better cruisin and find a nice female
>can't be out
That's precisely what friends are for. As someone who got hooked in a rel. that I should've left sooner, that's no way to go. I used to eat like [MAD] and people looked at me like ???,
but I've also always been skinny-lifing so it was never really judgmental. I've never been happier than in the time since leaving that rel., I'm sorta of the mind that happiness is a matter of
philosophy and perspective. Life gets stranger faster than it gets longer.
That picture is beautiful in ways that defy my description of it.
>> No.7533  
>>7530 that's fine.I'm down for it sometime
>> No.7534  
>>7532 OP on his computer now. But Yeah i guess

>>7533 Yeah I am actually. I can't go home cause I'm a poor boy and have to do stuff.
>> No.7535  
>>7532 I'm still new to this lol. Don't get [MAD] at me ÓwÒ

>>7530 Sure. I'm in my dorm now just vibing to lofi cause I can't get over how terrible I am. :(

>7532 Oh no I'm a freshi. You're probably my senpai

Shit I messed up my thingy

>>7530 Yeah man. One of my friends broke my heart and said she'd never date a noodle like me and that I should get rid of any feelings I have for her.

>>7532 Of course senpai

Gonna scroll /soc on real 4chan and see if I can't pick up a gf

>never seen someone who actually /soc/
I found this really cool girl on there today who is me but female and my ideal body type girl and lives in cary or something like that. But she hasn't texted in a few hours so I'm sad she might be bored of me already.

>flippant chica
Yeah I hope she just went to sleep early.

>better cruisin
Literally can't be not in a relationship because I hate myself just that much that I need someone to reinforce that I'm not utter garbage

>What friends are for
My friends make fun of me cause I eat like a horse. FeelsBadMan :(
Had to leave before I got too depressod
>left sooner
As long as I can still get some happiness that's all that matters to me at this point
>> No.7536  
>>7532 Yeah no... I can't do that... My heart needs to be held at all times. I have a really shitty outlook on life so that doesn't help either. I only feel myself when I'm with others and someone.
Thanks man. I really appreciate it. Well have a nice drive to charlotte btw. I wish you luck with that traffic (I'm from charlotte) But I get that man.

>Inb4 wondering whether I should make another tinder. But it'd just make me even sadder in the meantime.

Night 7536
>> No.7537  
I feel that, it's a hard way to live, but it happens to people. I wish you the best of luck and hope you and >>7530 can hang out cuz >>7530 is an cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything and is cool to be around.
I've gotta drive to Charlotte and back tomorrow evening after a full day of classes, so this is ☐☐☐☐☐☐ signing off. Godspeed you beautiful souls.
>> No.7788  
>>7530 Anon, OP here. WHere and when do you wanna meet up on Saturday?
>> No.7855  
We could either do on-campus coffee or we could go somewhere else like global village organic
Either way I could meet you somewhere in the student union at 12PM. Maybe in that little area with all the cozy chairs with the fireplace!
That'd be on saturday ofc
>> No.7878  
I heard that the admin is planning a meetup
>> No.7884  
It's cute to do all that stuff but sometimes I feel like being able to escape that childish air and [spoiler]get a little serious[/spoiler] is an important skill too.
>> No.7891  
Shirk the power of the admin! Take back the means of socializing! We can organize our own meet-up and don't need no super-cool admin friend to get us to do it!
>> No.7892  
File: 1535680707260.jpg -(137603 B, 600x338) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Gonna try to get some howler peeps to go to cookout on friday. like my status if you wanna go.
>> No.7894  
>>7855 Meet me near the java at noon. UwU. See you then Anon.
>> No.7897  
File: 1535688772018.png -(3107747 B, 1994x2888) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yes me!
See you then!
>> No.7898  
>>7897 Yes you?
I can't wait UwU
>> No.7905  
Anons are 2kawaii4hime
>> No.7906  
>>7905 Maybe one day you can be as motherfucking kawaii as me.
>> No.7909  
No thanks Anon-kun, I'm working hard(ly) to become full bara-mode so I can be like the Foxy Grandpa himself, Joseph Joestar.
>> No.7910  
>>7909 OwO. That's wowee.
>> No.8107  
Bump my thread
>> No.8108  
good luck to all those trying to avoid dying alone
my date is in 50 minutes
>> No.8109  
>>8108 Bruh. I have one at 5 kinda. We're gonna get ice cream and listen to music outside.
>> No.8110  
I'm not there yet my dude. An injury set me back a lot, but my definition is coming back slowly but surely. Carmichael helps a lot (can't do shoulders and some back stuff with my bar alone.
Thanks for the encouragement, the semester I was in Rotc I got pretty fit, but desu I'm not put together to be a part 3 Araki roid monster.
Oh, you should do some exercise at least. A feminine six pack and masculine a cups to go with the feminine penis. Jk and srs.
What?! Dude I eat like goku and still look skinny af. Rice and beans and stroganoff and eggs. Just eat like hobbit-mode nonstop. Keeps your metabolism high but still gives your body access to energy.
Damnson. Try eating like 6 minimeals. A small bfast, small 2nd bfast, snack before lunch, light lunch, gouter (4 oclock meal), light dinner and midnight snack.
Maybe you have to work your way up. Also there are quick things like quick grits, oatmeal, snack cakes, sammies, leftovers...
A big pot of beans & rice (or beans and cornbread) takes prep time but you can eat leftovers for a week almost.
Kek @ van camp's boyo
Canned beans are a meme dry beans are real shit
Nah you soak them overnight, change the water, add hot rotel, cumin, sacheries, and then you simmer it like an hour and a half while you do hw in the kitchen. Absolutely decent.
D-licious stuff you add to beans.
Srsly though, it's carbs and protein (don't forget the raisu~) for pennies.
Don't stay noodly kawaii boyo. Eat leftover spaghetti and hit the gym with your frens
You do me proud, son.
Subs are lowkey fit af sometimes.

Can phoneposters not upload pics?
>> No.8111  
File: 1535740431595.jpg -(4496 B, 300x168) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>8110 Are you my anon?
Oh I didn't see what you were replying to. Not my anon date on saturday.
Dude I hope you really get better. UwU
>Got pretty fit
I'm a noodle. Skinny boi here.
OwO. Definitely not feminine six pack or peener. But I don't have any weight to turn into muscle. 5'7 and 129 on a good day.
I can't eat too much. If I eat a lot I throw it back up. Happened the first week I was here eating 3 meals a day.
Don't really have time for that. I eat breakfast, lunch, snack, Dinner, after dinner rice bowl cause yeah.
That's the most I can eat with out purging it.
Love grits, snack cakes, and sammies UwU
Have lots of mini bowls of rice and a can of beans (Insert this boi eating beans meme here)
Eww. Are you actually disgusting. Le Bleh.
>Add hot rotel,cumin,sacheries
I have no ideal what any of that shit is.
>Absolutely decent
Whatever you say
I'll try to put on some weight dad. UwU
>Inb4 i'm sub so want to stay small kawaii
Idk... But I try.
>Subs are lowkey fit af sometimes
I have slight six pack... Soo..
Noodly arms tho
Oofie. It really do be like that sometimes
I'm gonna get big legs cause I skateboard a lot.
Yeah. UwU
Oofie O///O. Yeah no I'm sub boi so it's a weird place to be. :(
Yeah. But I'm short for a guy so finding gf my height or taller is kinda ezpz I can't enter any more so i have to done.
>> No.8114  
I "done"d too soon.
Arms are like the most fun things to work out. Overhead presses, curls, push ups.
>six pack and buff legs
110% sub body type.
My ex gf had to start doing squats because of... *cough* sub things that are hard to do without leg muscles.
You do you my dude.
What's OH OK I thought you were gay/bi subboi. Being hetero sub is suffering
Kk. I'll be here. Reading at hill atm.
Procrastination is a hell of a drug.
>> No.8115  
>>8114 Noooooooo. Blushies.
gtg to a place
brb anon
>> No.8118  
>>8114 Anon I'm here UwU
Wowee. Do your work anon ÒwÓ
You can do it anon!(ง ^

͟(ง ^ل͜ ^)ง
There we go
You're a TA Anon? That's so cool UwU
My day is jammed pack. Just got out of class. Pack promise meeting now. After this I have a "Date" With a girl. Then I have to go back to my dorm and grab my stuff so I can do my best in the smash bros tourney tonight. ͟(ง Ò ل͜ Ó)ง
I only know the last thing you said
Smash 4 cause I'm a nice smelling boi
Melee is hard. I need my finger Anon. Only reason I play sm4sh
Smash 4 is kinda bad rn cause of bayo but hopefully ULTIMATE will make everything well again in the smash 4 universe
Smash universe. God I'm dumb sometimes. VwV
Who do you want Anon?
That's dumb but ok
Orientation starting. I'll try to talk when I can Anon. TTYL! UwU
>> No.8119  
Still procrastinating
Nah I'm good.
>80 pages of a novel in my second language
>chapter of linguistics plus online forum posts
>need to revise written assignment
>have to do lesson plan for Wednesday (TA)
Tank you.
We have a long weeknd, I can afford to be a lazy bum for a few hours.
>a date with a girl
Ganbatte, bonne chance, удачи, and good luck
Which smash?
They're all the same.
Ah 4? That's cool. My brother does tourney melee which looks balls hard. Igot tired of 4 (and games in general)...
So I've heard.
They won't add any character I want TT^TT
Jack Frost and Pyro Jack as a duo (like in smt synchronicity prologue) and/or Travis Touchdown.
Kk have a great day
>> No.8121  
Are you really explaining to us what Talley is?
>> No.8126  
>Gonna copy and paste what I said to a friend
>> No.8131  
the date went well!
>> No.8133  
>> No.8134  
did you touch her boobies?
>> No.8135  
File: 1535770441848.gif -(65201 B, 500x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Did you set up a second one ^.<
>> No.8136  
That was a second one, third one hopefully soon
>> No.8140  
File: 1535806718521.png -(239636 B, 700x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Wao this conversation is hard to follow. Anyway,
I'll see you there today!
>> No.8141  
>>8140 HI anon! Op here! I can't wait!
>> No.8142  
>>8140 I'm here anon. I'm the closest one toto the Java.
Maybe I should've brought a sign that says aanon.
OP here but!
I'm gonna get something from starbuckies.
About to head back up
Sitting on the front side of java with askateboard
>> No.8144  
I missed out on the fun !!

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