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50886 No.7450  
There's this girl who sits beside me in Calculus and I really think we could work based on our conversations but I don't know how or when to ask her to study with me, or something similar. What should I do?
>> No.7454  
weeknd before an exam/quiz/&c.
Girls are just people, anon. Study together because math is hard.
>> No.7455  
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What calculus?
If you go too high in maths the girls disappear! Where do they go, who knows?
^ math is hard
>> No.7483  
If you ask her to study you better be ready to contribute. Otherwise just ask her where shes going after class. If you dont have her number already then ask for it for 'study purposes' gg
>> No.7488  
Eat da p00sy
>> No.7497  
Ask for her number at the end of class so “we can share hw/maple answers”. Once you got her number it’s easy mode. Ask for some answers/ how to do a hard problem, ask her if she wants to do the Maple together at the library, ask her if she wants to study together at the library before a test, etc. But remember, you have to make conversation and flirt a little when you’re studying together. After a month or so add her on snapchat (just use the “add contacts” option) and start by snapping her calc/other class related stuff, wait a week or two then on Friday/Saturday (if you’re going out) ask her if she wants to go with you. If you don’t go out on the weekends idk what to tell ya.

good luck anon
>> No.7499  
>>7497 If you're going to invest this much time into it, I'd recommend watching for signs that she's not romantically interested early on. She may be thinking two weeks in "finally, a guy that just wants to be friends". And here's the kicker: If you get to that point and think "I don't want to be friends, I want to date her", you played yourself. Never romantically pursue someone you couldn't be friends with. I think the biggest problem with that plan there is that it skips a crucial step: determining if you'd actually be compatible. That's something you want to reevaluate on a regular basis before trying to escalate things.
>> No.7513  
Something to add: when you get to this point:
>I don't want to be friends, I want to date her
DON'T BE FRIENDS Like seriously a lot of people will continue to shamble through the 'friendship.' If you get friendzoned but are cool about it, great. If you don't wanna be friends, that person will be toxic to you and STAY AWAY
>> No.7517  
the only times this shit works is if you were friends before you were interested in her
such a case became my best friend
but other than that it never works
>> No.7519  
>>7517 fake news get good
>> No.7879  
>tfw no engineeering gf
how do I do it /ncsu/?

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