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562702 No.7449  
Taking Chinese 101 and want to form a study group
all of them immediately jet out of the classroom though
the one time I tried talking to some of them, they didn't really respond
>> No.7451  
Just make friends with exchange students from China.
Or creep around other sections/classes.
>> No.7518  
Language courses are really strange, there's a group of people who try really hard [spoiler]and succeed[/spoiler] but there's a lot more people who don't care. It's really weird.
>> No.7523  
At my undergrad there was a group in the higher levels who didn't give a damn and always put in the absolute minimum (which was sometimes no effort at all) and were passed along through the system and got degrees by the grace of lenient instructors and Cs.
>> No.7526  
At State I had people in the higher-level Spanish classes doing that same kind of thing. They just don't want to try, I don't know why you would take a foreign language literature class and then complain about how you just don't get it or just not do the readings.
I assumed people take foreign language classes to develop their proficiency and fluency, but some people have a mysterious other motivation which I cannot fathom.
>> No.7882  
Studying languages is really fun!
I've never taken a language class at NCSU, I just study on my own.
What languages is /ncsu/ learning?
>> No.7885  
IIRC, some colleges require some kind of foreign language class. A lot of seniors at my old uni would sleep through french their last semester and then beg the prof to pass them at the end.
>> No.7887  
French honhonhon~!
I studied Russian as an undergrad as well. I hope I don't forget it. I wish I had some pals who could speak it.
>> No.8103  
Russian looks hard. Japanese is pretty fun.
I need to take my studying a little more seriously though. Its the kind of stuff that you really have to drill every day to keep it in your head.
>> No.8116  
Russian is easy in every way that other languages are hard. Yeah ok 6 cases, but many decline in the same way. Ok 3 genders but neuter is p much just masculine other than it's nominative adjectives.
And then past tense... There's only one and it follows only the subjects Gender and number.
But normal things...
Every verb has a separate imperfective equivalent verb.
Almost no cognates other than a few modern words and positively prehistoric ones (computer and sister).
And then it's the CONSONANTS That are hard to pronounce because of hard/soft distinction.

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