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652240 No.7412  
Is packapalooza worth doing or is it something cringy like most any other university sponsored event?
Is it just gonna be normies? I'm going anyway for free t-shirts if they have 'em.
>> No.7413  
File: 1535202486540.jpg -(195496 B, 1024x1411) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I ask because I really have no idea what to do for fun or how to meet folks in town. After finishing my undergrad I pretty much went comatose, and now I'm back doing an MA in a new city far from home.

>> No.7414  
>free t-shirts if they have them
There are a lot of t-shirts. Though to be honest, Packapalooza is a little crowded and the t-shirts are about the quality you expect from hand-outs. I think most of it is composed of student-run clubs and their booths along with a few companies, but if you're looking for clubs you can prob. just find them all on the getinvolved.ncsu.edu site
But it is pretty neat for meeting new people I guess
I went one year but I walked straight through it :3
>> No.7415  
File: 1535202861765.jpg -(815194 B, 1280x1823) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
That's okay, I just need some gym clothes really. I gotta be business casual/brofessional during the weekdays since I'm TAing.
That site is wonky. The main one shows like a dozen organizations and the student-run ones are on this page that stops loading more after about half of them; and you can't sort it either...
>> No.7416  
ya it's a shite site
>> No.7420  
I didn't find a single free shit TT^TT
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>> No.7423  
>>7420 Bullshit Army ROTC was handing out a million shirts.

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