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41132 No.7405  
Does anyone here sing? I'm trying to play a song but it's really hard cause I can't hit any of the notes in song. Send help
>Pic related.
>> No.7406  
File: 1535128424925.jpg -(8884 B, 480x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.7409  
Hi are you as cute as the picture thx
>> No.7411  
I'd wager he isn't
Maybe he is on the inside, where it counts tho.
>> No.7492  
I mean some people say I'm cute I don't think so honestly. Do you have discord?
>> No.7493  
>>7409 Oops forgot to reply to you. But Some people think I am... I'm very cute on the inside though. UwU
>> No.7494  
>>7493 I am OP btw.
>> No.7521  
>>7494 sure bud
>> No.7539  
But i am >>7521 SadFace

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